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• Bruno Brokken, world class cameraflyer, XL interview
• Bruno Brokken Front Cover Photo of Sian, Milko and Herman over the Blue Hole in Belize
• Photos in Skydive The Mag, Aug 2020 edition
• Bruno’s photo in the Alps
• Bruno’s photo of a 100way multi-pointer
• Bruno’s photo of a CF stack at sunset
• Bruno’s photo of a Union Flag in coloured smoke over Skydive Netheravon
• Bruno’s photo of a 16way chunk launching from a big helicopter
• Bruno’s photo over of the Red Devils over the Tower of London
• Bruno’s photo of Al and Pixie
• Bruno’s photo of a multi-Herc jump
• Bruno’s photo of Yves Rossy flying Calais-Dover
• Bruno’s photo of the Maldives Boogie
• Bruno’s photo of the Montserrat mountain and Milko and Dave
• Support from Flysight
• Support from Indoor Wingsuit

TL:DR Bruno takes some photos and talks about them.


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• Roy Wimmer-Jaglom, world class cameraflyer, XL interview
• Rick Poplinger Front Cover Photo of Niculai Miru having some freefall facemask issues.
• Roy Wimmer-Jaglom kit (and sponsor plug) back cover photo
• Roy's interview starts 1h03m
• Roy discusses canopy separation
• Roy has an unusual way of packing due to an insightful view on life
• Roy, Brian and Tash bond over intelligent laziness
• Roy bought a green canopy. And regretted it almost instantly.
• Craig usurps the usurpers
• Tash quits skydiving.
• Wake Tash up when September comes.
• Brian gets ready to jump again as Skydive Langar opens
• Not all UK DZs are ready
• Logbook comparisons… Craig has the biggest but Brian has many.
• Tash uses parchment and quill so is unable to join the contest
• Skydive Deland shuts down for a deep clean.
• Skydive Paraclete XP says deal with it.
• Brian’s online classes are getting busier and busier. Check them out at
• CareAllFoundation have a great blog with Pete Allum
• MagniX fly their Cessna Grand Caravan with an electric motor.
• Support from Flysight
• Support from IndoorWingsuit
• Brian’s bigway camp in Czechia at end of July looks more and more likely.
• Brian’s bigway event in California at end of Sept looks more and more unlikely.
• Craig celebrates 30 years in the sport.


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• DanBC & Mark Kirkby discuss getting back to jumping in the USA.
• Dieter Kirsch discusses getting back to jumping in Germany.
• Craig cries off with some bullsh*t excuse about being busy
• Tash cries off with some bullsh*t excuse about being busy
• Rai cries off with some bullsh*t excuse about being busy
• Brian gets desperate and begs for help
• Supersubs Chris Cook and Laura Hampton step forward. By sitting on their sofa and quaffing wine from goblets. #classy
• Chris talks about gardening, DIY and writing a whole article in the past 12 weeks.
• Laura complains about having too much money in her bank account.
• Chris talks about kangaroo vaginas
• This is not a podcast about kangaroo vaginas
• Wayne Glenn front cover photo of Skydive Langar jumping after the lockdown pause.
• Craig Poxon back cover selfie on fathers’ day. <3
• DanBC definitely does not turn the air blue.
• Chimera experience of Twinwoods Remote Escape Room
• Skydive Langar’s 6 part plan to getting back to jumping
• Chris talks about getting back to swooping after a long break
• Laura demonstrates her method for putting on a buff as a facemask. Gets 4,500 views. Whoa.
• Laura Hampton alternate back cover sporting a buff as a facemask by Chris Cook
• Support from Flysight
• Support from Indoor Wingsuit
• Laura likes how Mark Kirkby exposes himself often
• Chris decides that sometimes he does like people. But don’t tell anyone.
• Listener social media tags.
• Brian’s bigway camp in Czechia at end of July looks more likely.
• Brian's 80way event in California at end of Sept looks less likely.
• What the f*** is going on? Does anyone know?
• Brian does some online classes. You can find them at


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• Martin Soulsby and the person behind the public face.
• Martin discusses Covid19 and British Skydiving’s response to the pandemic.
• Martin agrees that he dodged a bullet.
• Martin answers questions from listeners.
• We take the piss.
• Relentlessly.
• Craig aims for the middle of the road.
• Tash is furious.
• Rai is sitting up for this episode.
• Brian is sitting on the loo for this episode.
• British Skydiving cancels all 2020 National Competitions
• PTOA (Parachute Training Organisations Association) is formed.
• Quarantine affects Brian’s bigway camp in Klatovy and his Brit200 plans
• Sunniest Spring on record. FFS.
• Sabre3 is out now. More information required.
• Brian does some online classes. You can find them at

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• Escape Room 'Morse Code' at Twinwoods Adventure
• Covid19 special - how skydiving businesses are pivoting during the pandemic
• Roy Castleman explains Twinwoods Adventure’s future
• Lee Robinson transitions from Tunnel Instructor to performing monkey
• 7 skydivers from the UK, Florida and Chicago
• Craig is abused for his virtual background
• Dave is such a professional
• Stump wants to smoke plants
• Rai competes from her sofa under a duvet
• JaNette and Steve from SDC Rhythm XP
• Brian runs with it. Still running. Doesn't know how to stop. Or which direction he’s going. Come back! Fenton. Fenton. Fennnn-tonnnnnnn!
• There are no outtakes
• There are no outtakes
• There are no…

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• Dave Schwartz and Steven Stump guest hosts from Skydive Radio
• Roy Castleman Twinwoods Adventure Director on how they're coping with the shutdown and their plans to save the tunnel.
• Virtual Escape Rooms at Twinwoods Adventure
• Back Cover of Dave, Stump, Craig and Tash at Skydive Chicago
• Dave says "I'm assuming you'll edit this bit out"
• We says "nope"
• Dave discusses pilot plans to stay virus free when flying loads.
• Rai bails early. Lightweight.
• We go so long. So so long.
• Brian goes for a surreptitious toilet break. No-one notices.
• Craig holds it in.
• Stump has a couple of remarkable jumps to tell us about.
• Dave also has a couple of remarkable jumps to share with us.
• Tash is with us in spirit
• Stump turns up late and tries to participate while in a moving car. It goes as well as you'd expect. Thanks for coming.
• Mark Lord Summerfest question,
• Pat Chapman accent question,
• James Doyle beer question
• Bejay can't think of anything better to help cure his insomnia.

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• Jackie Smith and *that* jump
• We talk about being the first person in the world to score ten perfect scores of 0.00cm on an electronic measuring pad at a World Championships
• Her training schedule and working two jobs over the winter.
• Why she had to be good at Style to compete at Accuracy
• The steps she had to take on her return to the UK, even with a World Championship gold medal with her.
• How she coped with the three day wait between rounds 9 and 10.
• How she coped with probably the most intense competition experience of all time.
• Front Cover by Dave Waterman of Jackie Smith landing a round parachute, downwind.
• We plan not to mention Covid-19 at all.
• We mention Covid-19 all the time.
• Craig reminisces about that time when he was almost as cool as James Boole. Almost. Once. Maybe.
• Craig likes looking at photos of men’s posteriors.
• Rai talks from under a duvet, in the dark.
• Tash can’t make it but sends in a voicemail
• Macca asked Brian a question. Response at 1h36m25
• Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm update on operations and developments.
• Brian isn’t sure his friends understand what unique means.
• Denmark are jumping. And then they aren’t.
• Other countries are jumping.
• Mondial 2020 is now Mondial 2021
• Brian Germain fund raiser - wonderful support by our sky family
• This show is supported by Flysight and Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm.
• Craig mentions the most famous Porter MZ. Video link in fb comments.

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• Bruno Brokken, world famous cameraflyer
• His cameras and his lenses and not needing too many photos per jump.
• Coming round from hypoxia and finding yourself on the wrong side of a 400way 
• Waiting four years for a helmet from Russia
• Being buzzed by a fighter jet under canopy
• Bruno Brokken Front Cover photo of Yves Rossy flying his Mirage fighter jet over the Alps
• Swooping bridges on bandit jumps
• The infamous ice bucket challenge - a good idea that went horribly wrong
• Craig Poxon Back Cover photo of Bruno Brokken filming a CF formation
Brian gets all nervous talking to one of his heroes.
• Rai loves Bruno’s hugs
• Tash takes a break from due diligence checks to declare Yorkshire Tea the finest in the land
• Craig wears a tie to be formal
• iTunes reviews - the good and the bad
We try really hard not to talk about Covid19 but they're jumping in Denmark, Slovakia and possibly Israel and USA
• definitely no outtakes on this episode
• and definitely no NWA: Ninjas with Altitude musical easter eggs. Guns don’t kill people. Low turns do.

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  • Bryn Chaffe, Advanced Instructor talks... shit. ;-)
  • We discuss his background in the sport.
  • Jumping through clouds and in strong winds
  • Bryn claims to be a better AFF Instructor than Craig
  • Craig is happy to let Bryn 'think' that
  • Bryn can't remember the 10 qualities of an instructor
  • Craig nails the 10 qualities immediately, without hesitation or homework, ahem.
  • Rai competed (months ago) at Windoor
  • RSUK is supported by Indoor Wingsuit and Flysight
  • Dean Ricci gets another play of his poem "when it's done"
  • Listener feedback
  • Craig offers to send Brian a photo taken next time Craig is having a poo.
  • And there's more banter than you can shake a Dan BC easter egg at.

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• Hayley, Symbiosis Suits Owner talks Covid-19
• Buzz, Skydive Tilstock Owner talks Covid-19
• Craig lets us know what support British Skydiving is offering DZs and Members
• BS Grants *and* loans
• Brian does nothing but sponge and give Craig a hard time
• Craig's video Q&A and email discussed and ripped apart
• Listener feedback from Chris Holland and Dmitry Verkhoturov
• Dean Ricci, the Fuckin Pilot, writes and performs his Poem "When it Ends"
• Support for this show is much appreciated from and
• If you like the show, please leave us a 5* review, it helps the show and we'll read your review out too. ta

Direct download: RSUK64.mp3
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  • Coronavirus impacts on British Skydiving
  • We live in extraordinary times
  • Roy Wimmer-Jaglom front cover photo of Canopy Flocking over Zhills in Florida.
  • Tash is working 18hr days but still finds time to stroke her pussy.
  • Craig is working three jobs and tries to look professional. Fails. Fails badly. Nice hat though.
  • Brian is employed freelance in a closed down industry. Lend him a £1?
  • Individual check ins
  • Industry check ins
  • British Skydiving weekly meetings. 
  • Coronavirus is a massive conspiracy by Craig and Tash to Ban Parachuting Altogether.

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Direct download: RSUK63.mp3
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• Jonas and Peter from the Indoor Wingsuit tunnel
• Pete Allum talks about the Flysight
• Front cover by Benjamin Fordesign of Maxine Tate flying multi smoke over Skydive Arizona. #womensskydivingnetwork #highlightproteam
• Back cover of graffiti in New York.
• Should we look at Patreon?
• British Skydiving is such BS
• New logos. New Board of Directors. New Chair?
• British Skydiving Expo weekend is so close you can smell it
• Abu Dhabi 32’ wind tunnel. Whoa.
• Twinwoods Adventure reopens after a 4 1/2 month power cut
• USIS national championships
• 110way round is a big formation next September
• Andy Newall’s book Bodyflight Basics is out now.
• Proudly sponsored by and

Direct download: RSUK62.mp3
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  • Dieter Kirsch, German FS Bigway Load Organiser headline interview
  • His history
  • German bigway records
  • How he chooses a DZ for his events
  • The secrets of an efficient debrief
  • His decision on PoV cameras on world records
  • His favourite book is the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • ESB - new safety buckle for skydivers
  • Pete Allum discusses the FlySight
  • Dave Green discusses the Indoor Wingsuit tunnel
  • Chris Sears from VISIONAIRi talks about socially responsible kick ass skydives
  • Blue skies and mince pies
Direct download: RSUK61.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:27am UTC

  • Anna Moxnes, Zion FF, headline interview
  • brought to you in association with Indoor, the tunnel in Stockholm that super charges your wingsuit skills and even allows muggles to experience wingsuit flight.
  • brought to you in association with FlySight the GPS unit designed from the ground up for the skydiver.
  • Front Cover photo by Greg Shelton of Andrew Ford flying his wingsuit over Skydive Dubai
  • Back Cover photo by Twinwoods Adventure of a dirty big transformer
  • Brian is back after six months and can't believe he only missed one episode
  • Brian doesn't buy lunch, he's a skydiver.
  • Craig wears appropriate protection finally. But won't open the visor.
  • Indoor WS competition, the 3rd one, happened.
  • BPA Board of Directors elections
  • IPC steps away from the Indoor Skydiving Global Summit
  • 32ft tunnel in Abu Dhabi now operational
  • World Cup in Canopy Piloting in South African is imminent.
  • Tash packs her suncream.
  • Al and Pixie jump Everest
  • Jetman tease a spoiler at the Tianmen Mountain. It's pretty close. About 1000 miles.
  • Bejay gets ignored. Wait, we wish we'd ignored Bejay.
  • Brian learns to wear longer socks in the tunnel. 3rd or 4th time he's learnt this now.
  • Bedford tunnel Twinwoods Adventure is great. But their industrial estate is not. Not operating since 27th July. Ooops.
  • Dirty great transformer required.
  • Basingstoke tunnel was down for a couple of days too. Super quick fix.
  • Brit200
  • Tash looks to learn speed skydiving.
  • Tash gatecrashes a Z list celebrity tandem video
  • We compare AADs in our personal kit.
Direct download: RSUK60_2019-11-14.mp3
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  • Al Hodgson headline interview with 
  • brought to you in association with Indoor, the tunnel in Stockholm that super charges your wingsuit skills and even allows muggles to experience wingsuit flight. 
  • brought to you in association with FlySight the GPS unit designed from the ground up for the skydiver. 
  • No Thought for the Podcast (although we all thought long and hard about when to record)
  • No experts (apart from the hosts of course!)
  • No book club (except Craig is letting down the side and has started to read Type T)
  • No back cover photo (we’ve been off air long enough, how come our inbox isn’t overflowing???)
  • Rai talks about what being on a 4-way team makes her a better risk manager at a bank (a risk manager who jumps out of planes???)
  • Tash talks about being is allowed to jump both her canopies in France (is she just not taking enough risks in her canopy choices?)
  • Brexit (we couldn’t help ourselves)
  • WORLD CUP (the important 4FS one we don’t care about WS or CF which happened already, also AE happening during the recording or CP to come)
  • SDC Rythm XP peaked at US Nationals, their domestic competition at the World Cup
  • Rai should go to more Comps Cttee meetings (but spends too much time in windy tubes to make it to Leicester)
  • Craig and Tash tell everything that can be told about mediations and resignations 
  • Tash explains the process the BPA Competitions Committee has for athlete sponsorship (it was better than what was there before and can still be improved, we don’t want to tinker with it too often!)
  • Peterlee has new owners (does everyone know who it is? We don’t say in case they don’t)
  • Craig gives Rai accent training to sound more like she’s from the North (east not west)
  • Knocked out wingsuiter AAD fire video (watch this is you want to get dizzy)
  • Do you want to be part of the 5 year plan that is 'Brit200'? (Brian does)
  • Airproxes at Chatteris and Sibson (hopefully some video is sold to the press so we can all see it!)
  • Skydive London closed forever ( :-( )
  • Bedford offline for months (we couldn’t find the transformers music sorry!)
  • Revenge to be moved, not sure when to
  • Sequential games going for a total break world record AND 121-way jewel (and post recording got the record and built the jewel while I’m writing the show notes)
  • Jenn Davidson’s husband Matt has a podcast - “talk with high performers to learn more about the habits and rituals which have empowered them to consistently achieve victory in their champion’s journey”
  • danish podcast (talk about us but we don’t know whether it’s good or bad)
  • Another bigway we aren’t taking part in (because we aren’t Australian enough)
  • Project 19 (to happen in 2020, Rai explains why it’s called 19 anyway)
  • UK nationals (we treat them all equally this time)
  • Life as a Pro- bunch of cool skydiving pros talking about their lives as skydivers at Tora tora (only cool freeflyers got to know about it in advance, the rest heard about it when they saw the fb posts)
  • Front cover of Ollie Ellis and Ben Reed-Smith by Jakub Aungiers
  • Tash learnt how to read FlySight data from Speed competitors (but hasn’t actually flown it yet)
  • Despite not flying her FlySight, Tash has the dubious honour of showing up as the slowest ever Speed skydiver on the paralog database
  • Craig’s logging example is finally being followed by Tash (but more because she now has a German parachutist license)
  • Rai goes to the boogieman party (Fabian may be the best party organiser around)
  • Judging is never easy (but easier than going to Comps meetings apparently)
  • Our mentors sent in some advice (which wasn’t taken after all)
Direct download: RSUK_Episode59.mp3
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• Peter Georen, the brains behind the indoor wingsuit tunnel headline interview.
• Tom Noonen Thought for the Podcast
• Steve Lefkowitz Ask The Expert about RookieFest
• Brian announces RookieRumble at Langar in September
• Front Cover by Martin Skrbel of Jordan Simcoe's 1000th skydive.
• Back Cover by Catherine Brown of Sonia Holland and Morgan Holland (no relation) wearing the same SunPath event tshirt from Brian's recent BigWay Camp.
• Brian admits to wearing women's clothing in the tunnel
• World Challenge tunnel competition summary
• WISC summary and discussion over the Prince of Wales Cup and the Queens Cup.
• RedlandsDZ is closing. Boo.
• Crazy landing video 1.
• Crazy landing video 2.
• Lodi puts its prices up. wtf?
• Don Kellner does his 45,000th skydive.
• Dmitry Verkhoturov and Bejay Cutmore listener feedback
• Langar Boogie 1 is a raving success with 3200 jumps in 5 days and 1000 jumps on the Saturday alone.
• Brian still loves his VOG audible altimeter
• Brian claims that France doesn't have any dropzones with two turbine aircraft. Is this true? Do you know differently?
• Craig jumps
• Craig shouts out to Ian and Joe.
• Thanks to Indoor Wingsuit and Flysight for helping make this show.

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Direct download: RSUK_Episode58.mp3
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• John LeBlanc, VP of Performance Designs headline interview
• Dave Curtin School of Hard Knocks
• Ask The Expert How Best to Store a Rig with Tom Parker SunPath Chief Engineer and Mark Procos UPT General Manager
• Front Cover by Mike Taivalmaa of Jeff Sans jumping naked for 211 months in a row. This one at -3degC.
• Back Cover collage of 1) a selfie by Stefan Patel, naked wearing Brian's wang sute. And 2) a selfie Richard Donaldson naked wearing Marek Dhlos's rig, with lube and a ransom note.
• Brian spends vast amounts on tunnel at the Expo and goes for a stroll with Nigel Rowlan to the car park.
• Brian thinks the Expo should be two days as it's just so busy.
• Craig gets busy thinking of reasons why we shouldn't. He doesn't like change.
• Tash buys a Pebble. It's brilliant.
• Craig made a jump.
• IPC is explained and Tash and Craig explain what happens and why they had to leave before they turned into a pumpkin.
• IPC changes rules for Speed skydiving, 4wayFS and Bigway sequential world records.
• Some dude jumps out of a plane with a Vespa and spends the entire freefall upside down. Video in comments.
• We share some podcast love. Skydive Radio, Gravity Labs, Jump26, Choices, Trust The Journey and the Lunatic Fringe
• Cookie bring out their G4 crash tested helmet.
• Twinwoods closed but re-opened after an epic mission to Germany by Roy
• Jetman can hover. How long until they can take off? Video in comments.
• Tilstock Rainbow Boogie 23-27th May with Alex Busby Hicks
• Skydive Maldives will charge you USD699 for a tandem. The world's most expensive?

RSUK is proud to be supported by Fly Wingsuit, the world's only wingsuit tunnel, super charging your wingsuit skills and even allowing muggles to taste wingsuit flight and FlySight, the skydiver's GPS unit.

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Direct download: RSUK57_2019-03-11.mp3
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Brian and Craig experiment with a portable recorder and set up studio in the foyer of the Expo hotel with... errr.... results.

  • Brian leaves Craig hanging
  • Craig has highlights from the Expo
  • Craig is a grumpy old man and has lowlights
  • Brian has highlights from the Expo
  • Brian acts like Craig and has lowlights
  • Pixie delivers Brian a Dbag midway through the recording - "that's what that's about".
  • Joel gesticulates and communicates via sign language from afar
  • Tash is too comfy in her hotel
  • Rai gets bored waiting and leaves 3hrs before recording starts. That's how she fits all that life into 168hrs per week.
  • Front Cover - we forgot. Sorry. Not Sorry.
  • Back Cover - us recording. Photo by Ahmad Ismail

Thanks for listening. 

Direct download: RSUK56_2019-01-27.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:34am UTC

  • Dean Fisher XL Interview
  • Likely to be the only person in the world to have been an instructor for 50 consecutive years. 
  • Why does he still jump?
  • How does he land his Fury 220 in the circle on every jump even in high winds?
  • Listener questions
  • Thanks to Paul Rimmington for the help editing
Direct download: RSUK55_2019-01-23.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:58pm UTC

  • Annette O’Neil and Joel Strickland Headline Interview
  • Steve Lefkowitz Ask The Expert: 4way coaching online. The Rhythm 401 app.
  • Front cover by John Gillet of Ollie Ellis and Matt Leonard doing some XRW.
  • Back cover of the hirsute Martin Soulsby
  • Rai hurts her elbow.
  • Carlos hurts her shoulder
  • Brian hurts his ego
  • This podcast is recorded completely virtually.
  • Bodyflight purchase confirmed
  • 25way diamond CF jump
  • Ski-jumpers train in the WS tunnel
  • Phil Wayper got his PR rating
  • Flying Frenchies Video is pretty insane
  • Tandem BASE numbers
  • BPA Skydive the Expo gets closer
  • FS competition live judging
  • Skydiving helmets discussed including the crash test rating
  • Joe SkydiveX
  • audible altimeter gets tested by Brian
  • Brian’s bigway camp is 95% full.
  • gets introduced to the podcast
  • Craig’s TI currency slips but bought another alti as retail therapy.
  • Group trip to IPC. Woo. Fun.
  • Tash asks for tips about competing at a World Cup. Disses Brian and Rai in at the same time. #burn
  • Rai got her judges AE rating but agrees to compete at WindGames. Pretty sure she’ll win if she’s competing and judging.
  • Yes, this is the longest episode we’ve ever done. Yes the best bit is in the last ten minutes. You won’t believe what we talked about.
Direct download: RSUK54_2019-01-07.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:04pm UTC

• Last recording from the other North London studio.
• Front Cover by Ewan Cowie of the 200way headdown large formation attempt
• Back Cover by Roy Wimmer-Jaglom of an angle jump over Skydive Voss. 
• Craig met the Bejay. Also known as Bejay has now successfully stalked all of the hosts. 
• Rai has so much love for competitive skydiving and boogies. 
• Rainbow chest strap bungees rock
• Jumping without a wrist mount alti makes Brian forget to wear gloves. Weirdo.
• Craig jumps his missus. Oo-err. Nudge nudge wink wink know what I mean? 
• Twinwoods Adventure (Bodyflight Bedford) provide stupidly good levels of customer service.
• Listener email from Steve Vigliotti
• Listener questions. Thanks to Buzz, Steve, Mark Skarratts, Chris Wilson, Ed Rose
• Mark Lord asks Brian the same question three times in a month. Ta mate.
• Langar Airfield for sale
• Women on Wings and Cloud9
• Get well soon Stump and the Other Joel. Welcome back Ellie.

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Direct download: RSUK53_2018-09-03-v2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:35am UTC

  • Arthur Amarra headline interview - AON2 smart altimeter inventor
  • Ewan Cowie School of Hard Knocks
  • Even Rokne Ask the Expert about Innhopps
  • Paul Rimmington Front Cover of an impromptu 14way over Cark
  • Michael Bellotti Back Cover of some dude not wearing any skydiving gear at some place in the world
  • James Corden and Tom Cruise do a tandem. New hand signal invented. Brian's students love it.
  • The UK runs out of money due to two months of non-stop glorious weather.
  • Wingsuiters go up by >100m. Wtf.
  • Speed skydivers go down by > the laws of physics will allow. Err....
  • USPA allows indoor skydiving as part of AFF outdoor skydiving training. Err....
  • Women on Wings lose planes. 
  • Women on Wings lose luggage. Brian, Craig and Tash have very similar thoughts on how to transport rigs on commercial flights. 
  • Skydive Radio played 5mins of our audio. They love us. <swoon>
  • Alex Busby Hicks sends us some gifts. Ta mate.
  • Every other listener DOESN'T send us gifts. Wankers. <hint>
  • Helen 'Whippet' Terry email and Gilaad audio submissions
  • Brian's nightmare came true. Weird.
  • Brian has a shiny new digital logbook. Thank you Linley Ewing.
  • Tash has a working dishwasher
  • Craig has a working sodastream. Yes, really.
  • Brian is the only host to have jumped in the fortnight between episodes. Could you tell?

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Direct download: RSUK52_2018-07-30.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:45pm UTC

  • Rai starts before everyone (well, actually, just Brian) is ready.
  • Ewan Cowie Headline Interview
  • Front Cover by Mads Norrelund Olsen
  • Back Cover by Charlie Wakeham of Simon Soper simulating a very very very low pull scenario.
  • Book Club by Dean Fisher Freefall by Tom Reid
  • Cilliers gets life.
  • BPA Competitions committee shuffles some deck chairs.
  • BASE jumping from a zippier (Andy and Wes)
  • The other Joel is down for 50.
  • Denmark had a Twin Herc boogie. Wow. Lucky ‘skidderikker’.
  • Women on Wings World Record attempt from two AN-72s. Lucky ‘skidderikker’.
  • Swooping World Champs
  • Symbiosis under new management
  • PRIDE & PEACE man… but no LOVE. Def no LOVE in the air.
  • Extremeweek veko. Rai is happy no-one died this year. Yay, let’s have a party.
  • Buzz voicemail. Crystal clear quality.
  • Crystal voicemail, about some list. Her list? We forget what it’s called though.
  • Melvyn O’Connell email with Danish space tech video
  • James Doyle link to CaseFile podcast about Stephen Hilder
  • Brian knows what the best job in skydiving is and has his eyes opened over dinner with some Instructor Examiners
  • Craig bought another alti. Now running out of forearm space… and discusses vacuum pumps for… er… testing stuff, ahem.
  • Craig went to the tunnel. We didn’t get a postcard.
  • He’s going to Oz too. Unlikely to get a postcard from there either.
  • Tash sat on a plane next to Brian. Forgot to ask for his autograph though.
  • Tash’s teammate keeps losing shoes but always the left one. Is her left foot smaller discussion?
  • Tash’s voice got recognised by a listener.
  • Rai did a shit load of stuff but left early before talking about it. Bloody part timer.

We love all feedback. Please email us or facebook us. Or better yet, record some audio on your smart phone and email it to us.

Direct download: RSUK51_2018-07-09_v2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:21pm UTC

  • Dean Fisher Headline interview. 53 years of jumping. 50 years of instructing. Wow.
  • Paul Mayer discusses the impending sale of Bedford Bodyflight
  • Dan BC School of Hard Knocks and, wow, it's a good one.
  • Front Cover by Harry Shanker at the Zion Freefly Name and Shame Boogie in Skydive Athens
  • Karim Shokrae Book Club. He recommends ‘You Are Not So Smart’ by David McRaney, and ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman
  • Back Cover of Emily Sugars and Jason Hobbs over Skydive Langar taken by Ming Chu. Jason had a two out scenario on a later jump
  • We replay our best Easter Egg. The Jumping (shipping) Forecast, created and recorded by Tash the legend.
  • Crystal has a list. It's called and it covers all the boogies in the USofA. Nothing in Europe though. Meh.
  • Cilliers trial ends with a guilty verdict. Caught him bang to rights.
  • Plane crash at IPC. :-(
  • The darker side of our sport is recognised.
  • If you have been affected by any of the things discussed in tonight's episode, you may wish to speak to the Samaritans. It’s free, just call 116 123 in the UK or ROI.
  • Langar's old 206 rises from the ashes and is getting a turbine upgrade
  • Mission Impossible: Fallout features a raft of UK skydivers
  • Congrats to Emma and Adam, Zoe and Graham for getting married and Ally Milne for not getting married. (10,000 jumps though. woop. woop)
  • Reader emails from Gilaad and Bejay.
  • Paul Rimmington audio message. He enjoyed Brian’s bigway camp in Klatovy. Can you tell?
  • Craig (pedant #3) is trolled by Brian
  • Brian, Tash and Craig think it would be funny to troll Martin Soulsby, Chair of the British Outdoor Skydiving Board of Directors at the next meeting.
  • Brian describes tracking through the burble of an opening canopy with surprising nonchalance.
  • Brian lost a glove. Found it. Lost it again. On three consecutive jumps. Annoying. But quite boring too.
  • Craig takes a flight in a Rapide. #oldskool
  • Craig goes to Buckingham Palace but has to make do with Charles, Camilla, Harry and Meghan.
  • Tash went to Voss. But got snowed in at home.
  • Tash attends a CF camp in the UK.
  • Rai is too busy to show up.
  • We hope you enjoy all 3hrs 33mins and 33seconds. :-)
  • If you don’t, unlucky. x
Direct download: RSUK50_2018-06-04.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:31pm UTC

  • Rickster Powell Headline Interview, PD Canopy Test Pilot
  • Front Cover by Denis Zhuravkov of Chris Bohn sitting on Phil Sparrow’s canopy over Florida Skydiving Centre
  • Back Cover by Chris Cook of Alan Foulkes-Williams not giving up on his rears despite overwhelming evidence that he should.
  • Karim Shokrae School of Hard Knocks
  • Andy Ford Book Club. He recommends Ken Follet ‘Pillars of the Earth’
  • Bryan Burke ‘How green is my skydive?
  • Tunnel for sale
  • Fred and Vince never fail to bore us
  • BPA Skydive The Expo videos are live
  • BPA changes name to British Skydiving?
  • Brian doesn’t feel so current after the winter but does AFF anyway.
  • Craig doesn’t feel so current after the winter but downsizes to a
  • PD Valkyrie 84 anyway.
  • Listener input from Gilad
  • Brian got to be on TV. And only said one swear word. Winning.
Direct download: RSUK49_2018-04-23.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:49pm UTC

  • Your Goals and out goals for 2018
  • Rai Ahmed School of Hard Knocks
  • Front Cover by Claudio Cagnasso of Roy Wimmer-Jaglom holding a freefall tube and Carlos Pedro Briceño headdown in his Squirrel wingsuit.
  • Back Cover self portrait by Sam Bemment “Cogito ergo sum”
  • Christopher Parsons reader submission
  • Tom Shorten digital logbook template
  • IPC stuff
  • XRW stuff
  • Craig said stuff
  • Rai said stuff
  • Brian said stuff
  • Joel (remember him?) he said stuff too.
  • Tash said stuff. And she wasn't even there!

Thank you for listening, see you at the Expo.

Direct download: RSUK48_2018-01-16.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:20pm UTC

Radio-ho-ho Skydive UK Christmas Cracker bumper edition for when you get bored of turkey and TV.

  • Tristan Hampson exclusive headline interview about the demise of Airborne San Diego
  • Fred and Vince fly back into a a Porter (sometimes)
  • More junk day shenanigans
  • Who bought  Daewoo QT1 Compact Microwave Oven and Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone?
  • Cover photo is of Frosty getting back into the sport in his comfort zone by Fordy
  • Who wasn't at the Diani boogie?
  • Vote now in the BPA election
  • Surprise winner at first indoor wingsuit competition
  • Dilys Price book club - The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
  • Ask the Expert with Pete Allum about coaching
  • Interview with Arthur Amara from AON2 about his new X2 digital altimeter
  • Rai has only been to Bahrain since the last episode
  • Craig and Tash haven't been anywhere
  • Brian's been at work (again) so we went looooong again
Direct download: Episode47..mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:26pm UTC

  • Dilys Price - Pride of Britain - headline interview
  • Rob Lloyd 'Ask the Expert' who critiques the GoPro 6 but recommends the Aukey 4K Action Camera
  • John Le Blanc 'Book Club' who recommends The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer 
  • Front Cover by Steve Fitch of of Sarge Atlarge and friends jumping an RAAF C-17 Globemaster over Skydive Ramblers (Australia).
  • Back cover by Craig of his daughter Agnes modelling his Square One Kiss full face helmet. 
  • Brian is late and it's been a while so bumper episode!
  • The wingsuit tunnel is one that Rai hasn't yet been in but we talk about it anyway
  • Rai tried to go in Airborne San Diego but it had sadly closed by the time she got there...permanently :-(
  • Craig has a nerdgasm over AON2's forthcoming altimeter the X2+
  • The Freefall camera guys have shrunk their project and have permission from the CAA to test
  • New sequential world record - 3 point 217 way
  • And a new night record
  • The Aussies get to jump a C-17
  • Beautiful XRW with a Porter, Fred, Vince, Pete and friends
  • Bear Grylls wind tunnel coming to Birmingham
  • The Wolf theorem of bigway multi-point formations
  • Rai double busy commenting at the WCIS and joining the Wuhan Clan
  • Tash has also been busy as HoD at the Wingsuit World Cup and judging at the USPA CF and FS Nationals
  • Craig has sold his Senseis and will order an out-of-stock stock Performance Designs Valkyrie
  • Brian never made it - best episode ever!
Direct download: Episode36.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:11pm UTC


  • Norman Kent feature length XL interview, recorded October 2015 at Skydive Perris
  • Norman takes us on a journey.
  • Why he’s bored of being asked about Point Break. Oops.
  • And Point Break 2.
  • Why he moved to Florida.
  • Why you shouldn’t be a hero.
  • His favourite discipline to film and how wing suiting is different to all of them.
  • What he does when he’s not skydiving.
  • What his favourite bit of kit is.
  • What he’d do if he was the King of Skydiving.
  • Norman Kent School of Hard Knocks can be found on RSUK32
  • RSUK46 planned for late November.

If you'd like to comment, please email, facebook or better yet, record some audio on your smartphone and email it to

We hope you enjoy.

Direct download: RSUK45-_2017-11-0.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:05am UTC

  • Bill Booth, UPTVector demi-god, headline interview
    Rob Lloyd Ask The Expert about your first camera helmet and stills camera
    Bill Legard Book Club recommendation is “Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War
  • Front Cover by Chris Cook of Tom Shorten over Skydive Langar
  • Back Cover of Brian by Clem Quinn in Bewl Reservoir
  • Nationals, Nationals, Nationals, Nationals (Tash and Rai won medals)
  • Worlds, Worlds, Worlds
  • Hilarious video mention of Jason Hobbs’ shoe coming off and attacking Emily Sugars under canopy. Video by Max Holmes.
  • No mention of Stefan Pacel, at all. Thanks to a recent request from Oli Ellis.
  • Swoop Challenge in Denmark (London 2019?)
    Eclipse jumps in the dark
  • A ‘tea leaf’ meets the ‘Old Bill’ thanks to Macca
  • Shunt, a novel by Stubert Ferglestein, glowing recommendations flood in… “it’s not shit”. #shuntnotshit
  • Brian learns to check that jumps are fancy dress before turning up suitably attired.
  • Craig went to Germany for the World Cup. They started it. Then they stopped it. Then they started it. Repeat to fade…
  • Craig was driving past Skydive London, thought it would be rude not to pop in and say hi, two jumps later…
  • Tash flies to Raeford to Judge at the USPA CF Nationals
  • Rai tells you whether you should learn to freefly on slow or fast wind speed settings in the tunnel. No wait, she cops out and says “a bit of both”.
  • Brian had better weather in Czech Republic than Craig in Germany and loves the event video by Dan Girdea and Dave Clarke
  • Ep45 coming up in Sept featuring a full length interview with Norman Kent.

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Direct download: RSUK44_2017-09-11.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:19pm UTC

  • Rocky Evans Headline Interview
  • SoHK with Marko M. Very dark.
  • AtE with... oh... we forgot to play it. Oopsie!
  • Front Cover by John Carter of Sophie, Ming and Adam over Skydive Langar
  • Back Cover by Carlos Crow of the plane at Headcorn circling a CF formation.
  • Max Hurd and Speed Skydiving
  • Fraser Corsan new World Record
  • Some famous couple's son, who we don't really care about, does a tandem.
  • Teuge imminent closure?
  • Will the APF change plane restraint recommendations?
  • Brian has bigway fun at Black Knights and Peterlee
  • Brian talks about camera helmets and displays his ignorance.
  • IPC Alternate Delegate position settled in the RSUK studio by naked jelly wrestling
  • Rai pops in and pops out - time continuity issue
  • Tash rocks, does a canopy course and a CF camp in foreignerland.
  • Craig talks succinctly and is straight to the point. Only kidding.
  • Craig goes to Buckingham Palace and the Queen refuses to meet him. True Story. 
  • Show stealing cameo by Stefan Pacel. 
  • All this and we only went 57 minutes over our 2hr self imposed deadline. Go us!
Direct download: RSUK43_2017-07-03_v3.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:26pm UTC

  • Jarno Cordia Wingsuiter Headline Interview
  • Alex Grisman Ask The Expert about Jet Engines and Turbine Engines
  • We record over Skype - apologies for sound quality
  • Front cover by Chris Stone over Skydive Algarve of the BCPA hybrid bigway record.
  • Back cover by Stuart Bain or Jen and Ant Edwards celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary.
  • Listener feedback from Matthias von Bargen
  • Craig gets a hard-on for skydiving tech (Brilliant Pebbles, Dekunu, Chronos, Drone jumps, wind tunnel virtual reality, FSNinja website and app.
  • Everyone else falls asleep.
  • Squirrel prove that wing suits can go up.
  • 101 yr old does a tandem - oldest ever?
  • SOS sequential records.
  • Brian jumps in France. Bonjour mon petit pois! And gets confused by wing loading formulae.
  • Tash jumps with her FS team in Algarve and has her very own MOAB. Mother Of All Bruises.
  • Bruise of the year competition launched
  • Brian and Rai impress with the size of their logbooks, namely the jumps taken to get to their A.
  • Tash jumps with her CF team at Headcorn. And maybe is swayed by alcoholic gifts in the bar to award extra points (and therefore prizes). “You won’t believe what she was given!”
  • Rai writes a travel book based on wind tunnels in the world.

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Direct download: RSUK42_2017-05-22.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:18pm UTC

  • Dave Schwartz Headline Interview
  • Dave Schwartz School of Hard Knocks
  • Dave Schwartz Ask the Expert about opening plane doors during flight
  • Dave Schwartz Book Club
  • Looby Lou Smith-Wildey Front Cover photo of Wez Westley swooping his Peregrine framed perfectly in the reflection of sunglasses
  • David Waterman Back Cover photo of Jackie Smith reaching for the accuracy dead centre during a downwind accuracy competition on a round parachute.
  • Fanboy Craig gets a little tongue tied in the presence of his hero
  • Tash does CF over Headcorn and Langar
  • Brian gets stitched up by Dave. Beer, red wine, $70 tequila. No-one notices him slurring his words.
  • Brian bemoans the poor weather in Florida and yearns for the sunny blue skies of the UK.
  • BPA Safety and Training Committee makes a decision about age related medicals.
  • Twinwoods Adventure World Challenge results
  • Brian want’s you to Kiss His Booties
  • Craig jumps three weekends in a row but doesn’t know what fun is.
  • Dave ruins the show. We think it’s sabotage from a competitor. Blue on blue.
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Direct download: RSUK41_2017-04-10.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:09pm UTC

  • TK Hayes, DZO of Zephyr Hills interviewed by Gil Sharon.
  • Front Cover by Tom Shorten taken over Skydive Langar
  • Martin Soulsby (birthday boy) School of Hard Knocks
  • Back Cover by James Lee taken over Skydive Langar
  • Happy birthday to Martin Soulsby, Dave Schwartz but more importantly, happy birthday to us! Yay. Three.
  • Rafael Schwaiger - Skydive Dubai - Two out video with a Petra 69
  • Perris DC9 rumours
  • Fraser Corsan wingsuit record attempts dismissed unless he lands in boxes.
  • Sad news about Jyro from NZ Aerosports.
  • Jackie Smith launches her book. Why hasn’t this legend got a wikipedia page?
  • Go on make us more popular, 10 more fb likes to hit 1000.
  • Brian announces he is Load Organising at “Klatovy Bigway Fun”. 7-11th August. Come along?
  • Brian makes plans for his Florida trip. Who should he interview when there?
  • Kiss My Booties 4way team get a namecheck. Best team name ever?
  • Craig gets some FS coaching and confirms he has an Aussie ‘E’ Licence Certificate
  • And gets to tell his Cookie rig story
  • Tash smashes the tunnel
  • Islander Stall Spin from years ago 
  • Who found the Easter Egg from Ep39? Don’t ruin the surprise for everyone but let us know if you liked it.

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Direct download: RSUK40-2016-03-16.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:05am UTC

  • Klaus Renz headline interview. Jumping in North Korea.
  • Front Cover by Eve Mason. Taken over Skydive Langar. Pretty sunset.
  • Jumping through clouds, legally. Special feature from Garnett. We love him.
  • Back Cover by Aled Bonsall of Regan just after landing on his 50th birthday jump. He is the definition of sartorial elegance.
  • Craig jumps in Oz. Not through a cloud.
  • Rai jumps in Spain. Bit windy.
  • Tash and Brian don't.
  • Brian is LTD. Living The Dream.
  • Rai's done a canopy course. You should too.
  • We eat pancakes.
  • Can you find the Easter Egg?
  • The Expo happened. Craig went to bed early.
Direct download: RSUK39.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:59pm UTC

  • Richard Webb, TopGun BASE, Headline Interview
  • Front Cover by Ming Chu of a 25way Canopy Formation jump descending into the clouds over Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge
  • Back Cover photos by Freefly teams Omni taking the piss out of Xerxes
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers - Would You Rather
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers - Chest Straps
  • We toast the legends Scotty Carbone and Pat Works
  • More competitions that you can shake a stick at… World Champs, Mondial, Wingsuit Worlds, Indoor Worlds.
  • French Ladies 4wayFS Round 10 catastrophe
  • French 2wayCF Open Gold won by Women’s team. First time ever?
  • Craig went to Skydive Chicago as Team Manager for the GB delegation.
  • Tash went to Skydive Chicago as a CF judge
  • Brian didn’t even get a postcard.
  • What does a Team Manager do at the World Championships?
  • Craig borrowed a Valkyrie and didn’t bust the beer line.
  • Tash’s third time lucky at SDC. Finally gets to jump after two previous visits.
  • Craig, Tash and Dave and Stump from Skydive Radio made a jump. Craig had a brain mal.
  • Tash does three jumps from three different planes. Nice.
  • Brian’s Vigil AAD replaced in 43hrs after a cutter error.
  • Craig thinks Brian should have replaced the cutter and ignored the manufacturer’s request.
  • Brian’s water jump made him wet. Thanks to Skydive Headcorn.
  • Tash judged 19 MFS teams at the US Nationals. Why does the UK have zero teams in this discipline?
  • Tash judges the most important competition in skydiving.
  • Brian popped in to say hi at Skydive Algarve and was gifted a jump ticket by someone he’d never met before. Cheer Ronny. 29way multi-plane fantastic on borrowed kit.
  • Craig warns against borrowing kit... Borrowed kit kills.
  • Craig, Tash and Brian borrow kit and don't die.
  • Tash absolutely nails some 4way VFS whilst holding two of Omni and her coach stable. Legend.
Direct download: RSUK38_2016-11-07.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:40pm UTC

  • Luke Aikins Headline Interview continued. The jump. 
  • Front Cover by Mark Davis, Getty Images for Stride Gum
  • Why he did a dummy pull in freefall.
  • How he felt when he landed.
  • What he'd do if he was King of Skydiving
  • We introduce Vertical Suits as our latest show sponsor.
  • His video footage is here.
  • We love all listener interaction. Email, message us on fb or record some audio on your phone and send it to us at
Direct download: RSUK37_2016-10-10-v3.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:01am UTC

  • Luke Aikins Headline Interview. The man without a parachute.
  • Luke Aikins Part 2 on Ep37.
  • Brian Vacher Ask the Expert. Two Stage Flare.
  • Front Cover by Jakob Aungiers of a 360 deg 40way Headdown formation over Skydive Hibaldstow. 15 seconds later he chopped. Video coming soon.
  • Back Cover by Lucy Smith-Wildey of the REME at the Armed Forces Parachute
  • Championships over Skydive Netheravon.
  • UK Nationals informal review.
  • Lodi Tandem fatality. “Under pressure you don’t rise to the occasion. You default to your level of training.”
  • Brian has Mal #4 and a dodgy Vigil cutter. Unrelated. Thank dog.
  • Craig went jumping at the Nationals and performed to his usual standards.
  • Craig visited a DZ, hired a rig, bust the beer line and was grounded forever from the country.
  • Tash judged the first weekend of FS Nationals. Fun fun fun. On a DZ. In a room without windows.
  • Tash and Craig prep for the Mondial (World Championships) in Skydive Chicago.
  • We love all listener interaction. Email, message us on fb or record some audio on your phone and send it to us at

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Direct download: RSUK36_v2_2016-09-05.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:34pm UTC

  • Brian Vacher, Canopy Pilot, PD Factory Team Member and Flight-1 coach Headline Interview
  • James La Barrie Thought for the Podcast
  • John Le Blanc Ask The Expert - how long should control lines be.
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers - Would You Rather…
  • Janina’s Point Break Movie Knowledge
  • Front Cover by Pete Lindstrand. Mary Barratt docks on our own Carlos Crow over Skydive Headcorn.
  • Back Cover by Doc John Carter and Martin Hopkins of Stefan Pacel (cow) and Kat Insall (tiger) helping Lorene Latour (leopard) celebrate her 1001st skydive over Skydive Langar.
  • Luke Aikens 35,000ft jump - he survives!
  • Copenhagen swoop festival should be expanded to other cities
  • King Air stall in Byron
  • You’ll never be as cool as Brian Vacher’s mum. (Janina - we need you). 
  • Brian demonstrates wing suits at the Science Museum in London, with Sam, Jose and Kamal.
  • Craig heads to 4way Nationals
  • Tash travels around the UK with her CF buddies and nails her FF2 (but doesn’t have to do a 4pt 4way to prove she’s safe in the sky).
  • We love your photos, your audio recordings and your messages. Send them to

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Direct download: RSUK35_2016-08-01.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:47am UTC

  • James La Barrie headline interview. The expert discusses how DZs can be the best they can be.
  • John Le Blanc’s Ask The Expert covers how to recover from stalled canopies, intentionally and unintentionally.
  • We ran out of people with the initials JLB so we called in Dan BC. Hope you don't mind.
  • Dan BC Thought for the Podcast
  • Sarah Neale guest hosts the show.
  • Front Cover photo by Ged Parker. Showing Jamie Arnold on his 1000th jump surfing Adam Mattacola. Photo submitted by Kate Arnold.
  • Back Cover photo of Craig and his daughter SmallPox.
  • Craig tries to convince everyone that the back cover photo, he submitted, of himself and his daughter, is very amazing. Sometimes it’s easier just to agree.
  • Brian gets all passive aggressive with the show notes. 
  • Brian broke the goat and got on the wrong plane. As did his AFF student. As did…
  • Craig is current again.
  • Sarah talks about upsizing after a two year hiatus.
  • Rai thinks more should be done for new skydivers.
  • Joel is in Burgundy drinking Burgundy.
  • Chatteris buys a balloon. And stocks up on off-landing report forms.
  • Luke Aikens plans to jump without a rig. Or a wingsuit. Or a cardboard box.
  • Phil Wayper success with his homemade parachute.
  • Brian applied for a job but got turned down. Back to living the dream.
  • Tash compares USPA CF Competition weather with BPA CF Competition weather.
  • Rai thinks you should do a canopy course.
  • Sarah pours more wine. 
  • Rai, Tash, Sarah and Craig talk about other stuff but Brian can't remember what they said. 

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Direct download: RSUK34_2016-07-04.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:50am UTC

  • Norman Kent Headline Interview - the world’s most famous skydiving cameraflyer talks to us about his life and career. 
  • Mike Carpenter School of Hard Knocks (aircraft emergencies)
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers reveals that they don’t know about jerking off. <sad face>
  • Front Cover by Ming Chu. Self portrait over Skydive NorthWest (Cark) of him and his Velocity 84.
  • Back Cover by Craig Hicks of an 8way FS exit over Skydive Hibaldstow. We think it flew. Maybe.
  • Rai Ahmed: shiny new guest host in the studio.
  • Rai thinks you should do a canopy course.
  • Sarah Neale downloads our favourite 32 downloads. Yummy.
  • Lodi Cessna Caravan crash.
  • Fresh air for sale - good luck Jakob.
  • Brian has a Burning Man ticket and wants to partake in Burning Sky. But… money… and time… 
  • Joel is too tired to turn up.
  • Craig celebrates being a new father (Hello Agnes!) and how with so little sleep he feels like death. He’s never been so tired.
  • Craig still turns up.
  • Tash is off galavanting around the world (USPA CF Nationals), looking down her nose and judging people.
  • Rai talks about her near death experience/ brush with a dust devil in March and how she thinks you should do a canopy course.
  • Brian is actually booked onto a canopy course.
  • Tipsy rigging sweepstake. Brian, immediately after the last episode, with a little help from Tash, put a new set of risers onto his kit. When he did a line check at the DZ, how many mistakes were there? 0, 1-2, 3 or more?
  • Rai still thinks you should do a canopy course.

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Direct download: RSUK33_2016-06-06.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:36pm UTC

  • John Kallend headline interview, skydiver and Physics professor dispels the “45 degree myth” and talks about exit order
  • Mikey Carpenter Thought for the Podcast. He’s inimitable
  • Norman Kent School of Hard Knocks
  • Front Cover by Chris Cook taken by the impressive Ricoh Theta 360deg camera
  • Back Cover 1 by Brad Patterson of the most scared tandem in the world
  • Back Cover 2 by Ally Milne also using the Ricoh Theta this time for a swoop landing and
  • Back Cover 3 is Core Skydiving’s Mike McNulty teaching someone to track in the tunnel.
  • Which is your favourite? We couldn’t decide. So we used all of them.
  • There is no banter.
  • What's better...doing more jumps but paying for them? Or less jumps but getting paid for them?
  • French Parachute Federation introduces draconian canopy size / wing loading regulations - are they giving the BPA ideas?
  • Airtec relaxes the servicing requirements for new Cypreses (Cyprii?)
  • BPA relaxes medical certificate requirements for tandem students
  • Why "Nobody Should Skydive"...thought piece video and how it was received by certain sections of the membership
  • Brian and Jack expand their empire with purchase of the steaming cess pool that is and Craig doesn't give a fuck.
  • Return of the strikes back
  • We're British so of course we discuss the weather
  • Lots of listener questions from Markus, anonymous asks about wind tunnel competitions, Matt Kite asks about equipment lifing (Craig almost mentions the war but thinks he gets away with it), Papa G, James Moseley, Jeremy asks about stuff, Matt Brown asks about incident tracking and reporting
  • Brian has been to California again and has his FF1. Only took 13 years!
  • Bigway Beginners X (internationally renowned) was a big success. No thanks to wildly incorrect weather forecast
  • Craig increases his wing loading again and ponders wing loadings > 3
  • Tash appreciates the difference between tunnel and sky flying. She flies the flag. For something. Probably Brexit. ;-)
  • Tash is touching cloth again, owes beer for a first and is judging the weekend's UKSL

If you like the show please tell everyone about it until they tell you to shut up. Thank you. 

Direct download: RSUK32_2016-05-05.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:37pm UTC

• Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld headline interview and pure gold comes from his mouth. His book Above All Else is available from all good book shops (and some shitty ones too).
• Matt Zwicker's School of Hard Knocks
• Front cover by Linzi Johnston of an FF jump taken over Skydive Algarve
• Back photo is Rai Ahmed's shadow carving around the Bedford tunnel
AGM Expo - Rob Lloyd rocks it. Brian snubs the meal yet again. Late nights all round
• Craig reminisces about the skydiving gig he's been dining on for the last 10 years
• UKS died...but was resuscitated
• Windoor Windgames freestyle to music broke the internet
• Chatteris offers massive 4wayFS cash prize
• Brian can't drink the Kool-Aid because he doesn't know what it means
• Brian might have won medals if he was competing against Airspeed back in the day
• Brian shamelessly plugs his Bigway Beginners camp. Skydive Langar, 16/17th April
• Craig is current again and his magical logbook proves that his recent layoff is not his longest
• Craig thought he was a little bit over tunnel, but then splurged on a load more time at the Expo
• Craig can't break the habit of a lifetime and calls the Expo the AGM
• The World Challenge approaches
• Brian and Craig are going to the States this year but not the same place or at the same time
• Craig encodes 1.1TBs of old skydiving DV tapes...which will only take 4.5 months to backup online
• Jonathan Charles sporting wingsuit hybrid reserve deployment

Direct download: RSUK31_2016-03-02.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:11am UTC

  • Patrick Passe Feature Length Interview
  • Recorded via Skype between France and California, USA.
  • Brian and Patrick geek out on bigway
  • Patrick reveals his successes
  • Patrick reveals even more he meant to
Direct download: RSUK30-2016-01-01.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:54pm UTC

  • Mikey Carpenter Headline interview
  • School of Hard Knocks with Jan whatsisface <video here>
  • Regan Tetlows Motivational Social Media Meme on Audio makes a stunning debut
  • Melanie Curtis supplies a Thought for the Podcast
  • Front cover by Laszlo Andacs of the Night Large Formation Record Attempts
  • Back cover by Rolf Kuratle of Microclimate 8way over Dubai
  • RSUK stages a coup to take over Council
  • Brian is for turning
  • Craig is an idiot (his words). Check your canopy lines!
  • Tash loves the smell of tunnel in the morning
  • Joel is over the competitive FS scene. Suggestions for what’s next please?
  • World Air Games round up
  • Some dude does something that’s been done before but we still talk about it.
  • Escondido reunion tunnel party 
  • James Round’s gift makes it to the studio. Thank you!
  • Please send in your audio, your emails, your photos and your heckles to

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Merry Christmas to all our listeners. 


Direct download: RSUK29_2015-12-16.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:20pm UTC

  • Patrick Passe discusses bigway FS and the 202way Sequential world record
  • Janette Lefkowitz School of Hard Knocks
  • Front Cover by Bruno Brokken of the Jetmen over Skydive Dubai flying alongside an A380.
  • Back Cover by Willy Boeykens of the 202way sequential world record skydive midway between the two points. Taken over Skydive Perris.
  • Our favourite Californian Crystal Sanchez makes a guest appearance.
  • We forget to show Crystal the show outline.
  • We forget to ask Crystal any questions. 
  • Our second favourite German Markus gets married.
  • Jetman Dubai <video> takes our breath away and Crystal makes a bold claim.
  • Wind tunnel competitions are two a penny
  • Skydive TV at USPA Nationals interviews Tash <video>
  • Regan gets around.
  • Brian turns his camera off for a jump and doesn’t film a premature canopy deployment and resulting entanglement
  • Brian keeps his camera off for a second jump and doesn’t film himself flying through the tail of a dust devil and eating the dirt. Fool.
  • Two stage flare vs progressive flare discussion
  • Craig likes to drive three hours for ten minutes of wind tunnel action. Or to self flagellate himself with 4minute rotations on high power. 
  • We forget to talk about Crystal’s forthcoming Christmas card jump.
  • We love to hear from you. Email us at or find us on Facebook.

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Direct download: RSUK28_2015-11-20.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:53pm UTC

  • Rob Lloyd interview where he tells us five top tips for taking better photos.
  • SoHK with Steve Lefkowitz from RhythmXP
  • Front cover by Stefan Pacel of Oliver Ellis over Skydive Algarve
  • Back cover by Rob Lloyd of Jeannie Bartholomew swooping the pond at Skydive Dunkeswell.
  • Special transatlantic edition of RSUcK with Brian in Los Angeles, Craig in London and Tash in Berkshire. Let us know what you thought to the sound quality and level of banter.
  • Brian gets his second world record on the Sequential 202way jumps. And. Face. Plants.
  • Craig hoards his mini-DV tapes. Forever.
  • Tash leaves her wallet at Skydive Ocana and complains about cold winters.
  • Craig has a beautiful and desirable Sensei 81 for sale.
  • Tash is a speed judge and can therefore judge what other judges judge in half the time. 
  • Brian spends most of the podcast talking in his sleep.
  • Airkix birthday tunnel offer.
  • European head up record & Mikey Lovemore breaks 500 kph
  • We love all comments and feedback.

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Direct download: RSUK27_2015-10-05.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:18pm UTC

  • Mikey Lovemore / Jason Bird feature interview about Speed Skydiving
  • Early Christmas present
  • British wingsuit record
  • British Headdown record
  • FS Nationals and 8-way upset
  • World cup news
  • Voicemail from Chief Minja - Lorene Latour
  • Brian got an easy ride becoming an AFF instructor
  • Craig debates (berates?) Brian's decision to stand down from BPA Council
  • Brian's off travelling for two months - but have no fear dear listeners
  • Brian gets awesome in the tunnel
  • Front cover from the Danish big way by Michael Boe Laigaard
  • School of Hard Knocks with Gary Connery
  • Back cover by Ming Chu
  • Ask the Expert with Willy Boeykens about Vigil AADs
Direct download: RSUK26_2015-09-10.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:11pm UTC

  • Dave Butterell and Paul Cooper talk bigway formations in wingsuiting and head down respectively.
  • Alex 'Buzz' Busby-Hicks School of Hard Knocks
  • Front Cover by Dan Guest of the World Record VFS Large Formation 170way first attempt over Skydive Chicago.
  • Back Cover 1 by Ming Chu of x and y competing at the CF Nationals at Black Knights Parachute Club. 
  • Back Cover 2 by Roy Wimmer-Jaglom of Hannah Parker and Elise Sharp performing a front roll out of the door over Skydive Hibaldstow.
  • Skydive Hibaldstow do 403 tandem skydives in 11 hours. AND put up seven three plane formation loads. AND run a normal jump program. The Hib Machine is unbeatable.
  • Phil Wayper's home made canopy gets jumped in the UK by Ray Armstrong.
  • Craig celebrates his 18th year in the sport and creates an alti clock app for his android watch. Woop-di-do.
  • Tash has a shave and shows us a gash or two. The first caused by a mock-up on the ground not matching the plane door, the second caused by an alarming bacon incident.
  • Brian gets approached in the toilets and prepares for his AFF Instructor course.
  • Craig gets binned from his CF team and aroused by being on the same plane as Tash.

Thanks to Tash for editing. Brian and Craig are both on the naughty step for not finishing off the post-production sooner.

We hope you enjoy. If you do, please tell one person about us. Cheers.

Direct download: RSUK25_2015-08-03.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:30pm UTC

  • Gary Connery discusses setting aviation history by becoming the first person to intentionally leave an aircraft and land successfully without using a parachute.
  • The Man Who Flew to Earth
  • Front Cover of Gary Connery on final approach. Photo by Viki Bingham.
  • Brian gets sweaty, tongue tied and nervous interviewing one of his sporting heroes, luckily for him the interview was over Skype and luckily for you, podcasts don’t have video.
Direct download: RSUK24_2015-07-16.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:06am UTC

  • John Le Blanc Ask the Expert segment about stabilisers.
  • The FIRST Wingsuit World Cup - who bought beer? And did they buy enough? Tash investigates. "You'll never believe the answers she got".
  • Martin Soulsby discusses the new BPA Governance plans
  • Front Cover by Adam Dare of a head down group over Hib at sunset on 21st July
  • Back cover by Willy Boeykens of the recent wingsuit world record from Flanders.
  • Red Devils "swoop down and catch his buddy whose parachute hadn't worked".
  • Roy Wimmer-Jaglom would like to buy your stuff. Maybe.
  • Night 60ways discussed.
  • Skydiving skills matrix.
  • Wingsuit World Record small print
  • Listener feedback, Red, Markus and Maggie. Mej87 wins a tshirt.
  • Brian got binned from a multiplane FS jump and loses an audible.
  • Craig visits a new DZ and Dubai but doesn't jump.
  • Joel is on his soap box. You'll probably be alright but you might not. He doesn't know why he swallowed a 'stone', perhaps he'll moan.
  • Joel chooses early and chooses often. Good advice.
  • Steven Lefkovitz's School of Hard Knocks on Ep25

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Direct download: RSUK23-2015-06-30.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:58pm UTC

  • Phil Wayper interview. He made his own canopy.
  • Melanie Curtis Thought for the Podcast
  • Marcus Laser School of Hard Knocks
  • Brian and Craig run the London marathon. You can still sponsor Brian at
  • Eloy no pull fatality. 
  • Mexico Tandem fatality
  • Do we talk about too many incidents? Email us and let us know.
  • Safety and Training Committee Minutes
  • Jetmen Dubai make Craig wet.
  • Wingsuit World Cup at Nethers.
  • Front cover by Buzz of a 5 stack over Tilstock.
  • Back cover by Bodyflight of Danny French flying in the tunnel just wearing his pants.
  • Brian goes to a rubbish demo.
  • Craig goes to an excellent awards evening.
  • Craig wants to fly in the tunnel naked.
  • Brian does his first FF jumps in a decade.
  • Tash works from home. No really, she does. 
  • Joel "works from home".

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Direct download: RSUK22_2015-06-02.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:00pm UTC

  • Paul Mayer debriefs the 10th World Challenge
  • Markus Wolf, friend of the show, is a special guest. Could he be a bigger stats geek than Craig?
  • Markus is embarrassed by his 8-way team
  • Paul and Craig declare themselves World Champions
  • The third in the trilogy of thought for the podcast with John Trevor
  • Joel questions the BPA medical
  • Discussing recent canopy collisions
  • Front cover by Spencer Bailey
  • Listener voicemail from Roy Wimmer-Jaglom
  • Joel extols his new jumpsuit
  • Brian reveals his top-tip for looking like a badass in the tunnel as well as a tunnel wardrobe malfunction
  • Celebrities who frequent Bodyflight
  • Back Cover of the Arizona Challenge by Willy Boeykens
Direct download: RSUK21_2015-04-21.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:14pm UTC

  • Paul Mayer discusses the 10th World Challenge at Bodyflight Bedford.
  • Tristan Hampson discusses side slide and turn techniques.
  • RSUK celebrates our first birthday but we all forget to buy cake. Sad face.
  • John LeBlanc segment postponed to episode 21.
  • Front Cover by Spencer Bailey of a sunset tube jump over Skydive Netheravon.
  • Brian Chappie School of Hard Knocks.
  • Jon Trevor Thought for the Podcast about teamwork.
  • Back Cover of Macca's Vector 3 reserve handle.
  • Craig tries to change history.
  • Brian was right. But his tunnel coach didn't realise he had FS1.
  • Ronnie O'Brien tandem save video.
  • Mass RSUK tshirt giveaway on next episode.
  • Solar eclipse jumps.
  • Red listener voicemail.
Direct download: RSUK20_2015-03-25.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:57am UTC

  • Joel’s questions on the AFFBI course are answered
  • Tash’s questions on the last School of Hard Knocks are answered
  • Joel & Tash are not the same person after all :-(
  • Craig sings (despite our attempt to silence him) and then throws a tantrum about not being allowed to sing happy birthday to Crystal so spends longer talking about it than it would have taken to sing. Why do we not learn?
  • Ryan sings (far better than Craig)
  • Front Cover is Sally Hearson taken by Spencer Bailey over Hibaldstow
  • Back Cover is Ben White taken by Rob Lloyd
  • Listener MWR rings in
  • Listener Lewis writes in
  • Another pilot asking us to communicate with him.  What is it with them, they should just sit up at the front, climb faster and give us more altitude!
  • Craig upsizes and downsizes and is uncurrent
  • Thought for the pod cast from Jon Trevor
  • Craig's beard is a far more interesting host than Craig
  • 15 SoF from Craig, Phil, Bryan Judd and he who shall not be named
  • Brian is going to be an unemployed bum. Who wants to give him a job swanning around the world doing AFF?
  • Help Ben White and read Jen's blog
Direct download: RSUK19_2015-03-19.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:45pm UTC

  • "Would You Rather" with a cast from LSD and others. Please help us to tag everyone.
  • Results from the BPA popularity contest
  • Expo experiences - Kiss helmets, seminars, bands and drunkeness
  • School of Hard Knocks: Alastair Macartney discovers what you really don't want to discover while proxy flying.
  • Ask the Expert 1: Gareth Thomas discusses wingsuit exits.
  • Ask the Expert 2: John Le Blanc explains the Shuhman planform.
  • Thought for the Podcast: Melanie Curtis says be awesome. 
  • NEW: "15 Seconds of Fame" with MWR, Brian, Rob Lloyd, Raph Bsh and Crystal Sanchez.
  • Porter wing clips a tandem drogue video. Scary scary.
  • Wingsuiting now an IPC discipline and UK awarded first world cup at Netheravon
  • Aon2 released onto Kickstarter.
  • Matt Brown listener email asks why he needs to have a B licence to jump a fullface helmet in the UK. 
  • Brian wears a hair net. 
  • Craig wears a beard.
  • Tash plays with a stopwatch. 
  • Phil Cox doesn't like to complain.
  • Contact us with photos, stories, questions at 
  • We have Perfect Madness audio book download codes and RSUK t-shirts on offer for great submissions.
Direct download: RSUK18_2015-02-23.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:55am UTC

- Regan Tetlow headline interview.

- SoHK with Dave Howerski

- Thought for the Podcast with

- Adrian Bond talks about BPA Skydive the Expo

- Tristan Hampson discusses fast and slow fall technique in detail. With and without booties.

- Brian successfully squeezes more than half of his season into one week.

- Craig doesn't have much to say... not that you'd notice.

- Tash returns from judging in Dubai.

- Brian goes snowboarding in Austria and successfully forgets everything that happened at Skydive Algarve the week before. Erm...

- Janina, the voice over lady, does a second tandem, but Brian forgets to talk about it.

- Brian spent a day jumping in a tux but forgot to talk about it. 

- etc

- Survivor guilt.


- Brian deliberately uses hyphens to bulletize this list rather than the official html bullet points just to wind up Craig and his OCD tendencies. Hello! :-)



Direct download: RSUK17_2015-01-12.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:20pm UTC

  • Tony Domenico, Square1 head honcho and KISS helmet inventor, headline interview.

  • Melanie Curtis School of Hard Knocks

  • Russian wind tunnel bargains to be had.

  • Congrats to TeamXX on their Bronze at the DIPC

  • Festive Front Cover is Melanie Curtis and Crystal Sanchez over Skydive Elsinore. Photo by Ryan Simpson.

  • Back Cover is Craig on Tinder (by proxy). Joel likes cleavage.

  • Craig gets a better offer and sacks off his back fly team to go fly with the big boys and discusses his Tinder experience.

  • Brian explains how he is going to do more jumps next week than the rest of the year put together.

  • Joel is planning significant gear maintenance in the off season and is excited about canopy R&D

  • BPA Calendar Front Cover and Expo discussion

  • Brian’s AFF Basic Instructor course is three months sooner than expected.

  • Craig has stats.

  • Brian has hairnets.

  • Joel has quips.

  • Everyone has mulled wine
  • If you listen carefully, you might just hear the gentle peeling of sleigh bells. Season's Greetings everyone!
Direct download: RSUK16_2014-12-16.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:46pm UTC

  • Melanie Curtis headline interview, the annoyingly happy skydiver extraordinaire and life coach 
  • Guest presenter Tristan Hampson discusses teaching the neutral position/beginners in the tunnel and his exciting future plans
  • School of Hard Knocks with Jack Bradford
  • Naturally swirly front cover of Suzi Scott over Skydive Fano in Italy taken by Tim Porter
  • We've got a new sponsor; Square1's KISS helmet. We get our hands on them and see how great they are
  • Listener feedback from Markus Wolf and Craig offends the German nation
  • BPA election chat 
  • How many jumps would you like to achieve in your career? Does it matter? Let us know
  • Brian learns what a proper pull up is and realises he's not fit enought to be a tunnel rat
  • We've applied some technology to our levels - we hope your ear drums appreciate it, but it seems that Joel's mic wasn't working though
  • Joel is back and gives us his impressions of the improved Empuria but didn't learn from one of our previous SoHKs
Direct download: RSUK15_2014-11-11.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:07pm UTC

  • Tristan Hampson headline interview, chief instructor at Bedford Bodyflight and from
  • Another School of Hard Knocks with Martin 'DangerPants' Reynolds
  • Cover photo of Josh Carratt over Skydive Langar submitted by Tom Shorten
  • Back cover selfie of Liz Boniface by Liz Boniface over Skydive Hibaldstow
  • Happy 217th parachutiversary
  • Congratulations to the ladies and their two new world records
  • Get well soon Dave Curtin
  • Shiny new altimeter from AO(N2)
  • Craig throws red wine over the mixing desk and Brian
  • Fate doesn't want Brian to get his AFF rating
  • Craig jumps on Brian's band-wagon and jumps a removable slider
  • Tash has been on her travels, bringing back some schwag from the "other podcast", didn't jump much at Ocana, judged at USPA Nationals and vows to get in the tunnel to train VFS spending as little as possible
  • Craig almost throws his red wine around again
  • We talk, a lot. We are going to be much stricter with the 2 hour time limit from now on - promise!

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Direct download: RSUK14_2014-10-22.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:06am UTC

  • Michael Cooper interview, inventor of FlySight, the wingsuiter's GPS
  • STC Incident reports schadenfreude
  • BPA council nominations open.
  • Craig says he's a rubbish BPA councillor and wishes someone better would stand.
  •  Brian thinks the Canopy Handling manual is the wrong way round.
  • Front cover of Will Tenison giving birth to Kevin Johnson over Skydive Swansea by Teej Quigly (submited by Lucy Mancey)
  • Back Cover of Bryan Kent and Emma Scrivener with their Radio Skydive UK t-shirts
  • Listener email from other t-shirt winner Phil Cox with some interesting stories from the old days
  • School of Hard Knocks with Albert Berchtold
  • Craig was right, Episode 11 was actually the worst one ever!
  • Craig wouldn't recommend taking a 6 second delay on a freepacked CF trimmed canopy with a spider slider and 5kg of camera on one's head, but still gets gold for his voyeurism
  • Craig suddenly gets good at 4-way in the tunnel (and drags three friends along with him) but misses the after competition nakedness.
  • What have wallbies got to do with skydiving?
  • Brian questions the finer details of the AFF Pull signal
  • Dougie Peacocks book, "Brevet" is a rip-roaring, boy's own, action packed history of skydiving and you could learn about Parachuting from that, but there's no mention of his best student; Brian.

If you like the show, please subscribe to us in your podcast software, the next episode will download automatically and be waiting for you on that long journey home from the DZ.

Direct download: RSUK13_2014-10-09.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:40am UTC

  • Albert Berchtold from Performance Designs discusses all sorts of things in our headline interview. 
  • School of Hard Knocks with Paul Moore
  • Front Cover 
  • Draw to win a RSUK tshirt.
  • Brian sniffs incessantly. Sorry about that.
  • Craig returns. And he talks.
  • Craig talks some more.
  • Craig is still recovering from mal #9 when mal #10 arrives. Video here.
  • Ice bucket challenge with Bruno Brokken - GWS
  • Review of World Championships in Banja Luka, Bosnia.
  • Review of World Championships in Prostejov, Czech Republic.
  • Golden Knights 8wayFS funnel an exit but still score more than anyone else on that round. Video here.
  • British National Championships in 4way is 78 teams.
  • Back Cover by Rob Lloyd of Skydive DWS 4way FS team.
  • Backflying in FS suits.
  • New camera on the scene ReplayXD PrimeX.

If you like the show, please tell one person about it.

Direct download: RSUK12_2014-09-10.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:43pm UTC

  • Interview with Maxine Tate from Canopy Piloting School
  • School of Hard Knocks with Nina Engel
  • We really do play Jason Farrant’s interview about the swoop pond at Dunks this episode.
  • Thought for the Day with Martin Soulsby
  • Craig declares this to be the. Worst. Episode. Ever.
  • Craig makes a late submission by email but I think we edited it in seamlessly.
  • Listener voicemail from Lorene Latour.
  • Front Cover by Gary Wainwright of the D100 Facing Diamond 100way over Klatovy.
  • Tash makes a slip of the tongue whilst pretending to be a qualified judge - will anyone spot?
  • Tash learns head down in 20mins in the tunnel and plans her judging future meticulously.
  • We talk about gender equality in skydiving. Brian talks VERY carefully.
  • Bonus School of Hard Knocks with Martin Reynolds
  • Back Cover by Rob Lloyd of the “insert collective noun here” of Canopy Piloting Judges at Dunkeswell.
  • Yes, it has been pointed out to Brian that finding someone called “Fred” at Nethers will be tricky.
  • Brian Vacher's Canopy Control Seminar
  • Share the Episode 10 Facebook post to be in with a chance of winning a tshirt.

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Direct download: RSUK11_2014-08-19.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:24pm UTC

  • Headline interview with Tony Uragallo from
  • School of Hard Knocks with Dr Rainer “Exi” Hoenle.
  • We forget to the play the interview with Jason Farrant from Dunkeswell but it’ll be on Ep11.
  • Thought for the Day with Jamie Flynn ( Back to BASEics)
  • Guest presenter Crystal Sanchez talks about her DZ tour of the UK.
  • Sibson, Langar, Hib and Chatteris so far.  Nethers coming up.
  • Front Cover by Robert Troup of Crystal.
  • Crystal adds to the list of information for skydivers visiting the UK.
  • Back Cover by Rob Lloyd of Wez Westley swooping at Dunkeswell
  • Another logo submission, this one from Stew Vincent 
  • Our longest ever episode.  We won’t ever go longer.
  • Brian’s back in the wingsuiting game.
  • Craig has a super hard and fast mal on his Sensei 81 and is still sore a week later.
  • Joel doesn’t enjoy his trip. Oopsie.
  • Crystal talks a lot but she’s charming with it

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Direct download: RSUK10_2014-08-06.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:26pm UTC

  • Tony Uragallo talks wingsuits, wingsuit competitions, wingsuit manufacturing, wingsuit BASE and if you’re 5’9” and have an aerodynamic beer belly he’s probably got a suit that’ll fit you for a good price.
  • Gary - Your ‘dad’ says that you have to interview with us. ;-) 
  • Introducing Tash.
  • Listener Emails - Robbie G’s logo and Red writes to Viki.
  • Craig strokes his thighs as we hit 5,000 downloads.
  • Front cover by Gary Crisp of The Roast Beef and Le Petit Pois 2way VFS team over Skydive Hibaldstow.
  • Listener email Billy asks what to expect when he moves from the USA to Edinburgh.
  • Tash confirms she is a judge that jumps.
  • 2way VFS competition at Hib.
  • Tash looks forward to judging at the US Nationals.
  • Golden Knights funny
  • Tash reveals.
  • Brian loves a good wedding and has a good whuffo story.
  • Craig has a jumping birthday and feasts on as much tunnel as he can eat.
  • Craig jumps with a Z-list celeb.
  • SoHK with Vinny Howard, CCI of the Irish Parachute Centre. Ouchie.
  • Jamie Flynn’s recovery from injury is made into an entertaining Epic TV show)
  • Back cover by Sam Bemment of Wes Guest. Possibly over Nethers.


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Direct download: RSUK9_2014-07-16.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:12pm UTC

  • Tony Uragallo from Tony Suits interview.
  • Craig shuts down Brian’s thread on for no good reason.
  • We record using new equipment and just like skydivers you despair at, we record without having tested the equipment thoroughly. What’s the worst that could happen? We haven’t got much to talk about anyway.
  • Skydivers getting stroppy about the portrayal of their sport in the media. 
  • New microphone booms make a cool noise when banged together. By accident. Repeatedly.
  • Soulflyers beautiful new video. High altitude plus proxy flying under canopy.
  • Walking with your eyes turned skyward. Misappropriated quote.
  • Progression of 4way discussion not allowed on the Poxcast.
  • The packing fairies pack Brian’s rig.
  • Front Cover is Giuseppe Damiano tracking away over Skydive Spain. Photo by Sam Bemment.
  • Back Cover is a couple over Skydive Sibson, getting married for “Don’t Tell the Bride”, a UK television show. Photo by Macca.
  • School of Hard Knocks with Dr John Carter, the BPA Medical Advisor. Premature deployment on a pull out rig whilst head down. Eek.
  • Backfly 4way with Brian, Viki, Craig and Yolande. 
  • Brian shows off his stability kicks.
  • Viki has to change her outfit for a wedding the next day due to tunnel bruises.
  • Craig ponders jumping a large wingsuit with a Speed Cypres.
  • Joel discusses the obsolete elliptical canopy that he jumped over Skydive Dubai. And what not to do.
  • Joel is stalking Liz Ashley.
  • Ask the Expert with Brian Vacher from the Performance Designs Factory Team. “Turbulence Revisited”
  • London Skydivers Drinks mini-poll about perception of risk.
  • Ah, we talked for too long. Sorry about that.
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  • Fabien Thomann from Boogieman interview. 
  • Don't make Viki laugh.
  • Everyone gets naked - or do they?
  • 3000 downloads - interesting or not?
  • Front cover by George Katsoulis.
  • Wingsuit (and tracking) Nationals at Netheravon a big success.
  • Brian and Craig (in a frap hat) compete and they medal.
  • Back Cover photo by Trevor Davies and artwork by André Taylor
  • Craig is cheap and a fashion victim.
  • Another removable slider.
  • Fullface helmet fogging news.
  • Bodyflight's turnover plummets as Brian continues to cancel tunnel time
  • So it turns out Craig's logbook isn't quite so up to date
  • Julian Coulter voicemail and more on the 45 degree rule - in brief!
  • Tandem skydiving on a UK soap opera fail.
  • A better wing loading calculator.
Direct download: RSUK7_2014-06-04.mp3
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  • Kate Cooper-Jensen interview Part 2.
  • School of Hard Knocks also with Kate Cooper-Jensen.
  • 2 THOUSAND downloads.
  • Listener comments from Garnett, James, Carlos, Markus, Michael, Mark and Roy.
  • Freefall drift. 45 degree rule.
  • Front Cover by Matthew Black.
  • Brian’s cleared to jump and does.
  • Brian talks about his desire to be an AFF instructor.
  • Craig’s back fly team BackChatt flew the SingleA blocks for the first time.
  • Proliferation of wind tunnels.
  • Speed Cypres acquired.
  • Airprox = bloody hell.
  • Update to Android “Skydiving Draw” app.

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  • Kate Cooper-Jensen interview. School of Hard Knocks with Carsten Cooper-Jensen.
  • Ask the Expert with Brian Vacher.
  • Listener voicemails from Karen, Fiona, Rebecca and SDR Dave.
  • Music and earplugs in freefall.
  • Guest presenter Joel likes both types of skydiving.
  • Craig took the family to the tunnel.
  • Back cover by Basingstoke Airkix.
  • AAD firing heights.
  • Front cover by Mark Wane.
  • Brian plans his first jump back.
  • More logging.
  • German audience.
  • More innuendo heavy vocals by Janina. More required.
  • Email us at and leave a voicemail for us using Skype at "Radio Skydive UK"
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  • The Freefall Camera crew from The University of Nottingham present the best ever University project.
  • Back Cover: Freefall Camera in the tunnel.
  • St Georges Day story.
  • Listener Markus Wolf voicemail.
  • What do you log?
  • Front Cover by Chris Cook.
  • Brian bought gear but no idea.
  • Viki is current again in a "slow and little" single prop plane.
  • Craig jumped his Sensei 81 at 2.8:1 and got sicked on. 
  • Finnish CompAir accident and plane emergencies.
  • School of Hard Knocks with Craig.
  • Email us at and leave a voicemail for us using skype at "Radio Skydive UK"
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  • Ernesto Gainza speaks about his World Record landing of a 35sq ft canopy - the smallest ever.
  • School of Hard Knocks by Ernesto.
  • Bodyflight World Challenge news,
  • Craig eating humble pie and an intro to guest presenter Viki.
Direct download: Ep3_2014-04-14.mp3
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Interviews with Paul Mayer of Bodyflight Bedford and Killa ahead of the Bodyflight World Challenge 2014.

Direct download: Ep2_2014_03_28.mp3
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Our inaugural show, where Craig mostly talks about himself.

We also talk about the who, what, why of the podcast. About the upcoming Bodyflight World Challenge and Craig's interesting new canopy!

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