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• Last recording from the other North London studio.
• Front Cover by Ewan Cowie of the 200way headdown large formation attempt
• Back Cover by Roy Wimmer-Jaglom of an angle jump over Skydive Voss. 
• Craig met the Bejay. Also known as Bejay has now successfully stalked all of the hosts. 
• Rai has so much love for competitive skydiving and boogies. 
• Rainbow chest strap bungees rock
• Jumping without a wrist mount alti makes Brian forget to wear gloves. Weirdo.
• Craig jumps his missus. Oo-err. Nudge nudge wink wink know what I mean? 
• Twinwoods Adventure (Bodyflight Bedford) provide stupidly good levels of customer service.
• Listener email from Steve Vigliotti
• Listener questions. Thanks to Buzz, Steve, Mark Skarratts, Chris Wilson, Ed Rose
• Mark Lord asks Brian the same question three times in a month. Ta mate.
• Langar Airfield for sale
• Women on Wings and Cloud9
• Get well soon Stump and the Other Joel. Welcome back Ellie.

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  • Arthur Amarra headline interview - AON2 smart altimeter inventor
  • Ewan Cowie School of Hard Knocks
  • Even Rokne Ask the Expert about Innhopps
  • Paul Rimmington Front Cover of an impromptu 14way over Cark
  • Michael Bellotti Back Cover of some dude not wearing any skydiving gear at some place in the world
  • James Corden and Tom Cruise do a tandem. New hand signal invented. Brian's students love it.
  • The UK runs out of money due to two months of non-stop glorious weather.
  • Wingsuiters go up by >100m. Wtf.
  • Speed skydivers go down by > the laws of physics will allow. Err....
  • USPA allows indoor skydiving as part of AFF outdoor skydiving training. Err....
  • Women on Wings lose planes. 
  • Women on Wings lose luggage. Brian, Craig and Tash have very similar thoughts on how to transport rigs on commercial flights. 
  • Skydive Radio played 5mins of our audio. They love us. <swoon>
  • Alex Busby Hicks sends us some gifts. Ta mate.
  • Every other listener DOESN'T send us gifts. Wankers. <hint>
  • Helen 'Whippet' Terry email and Gilaad audio submissions
  • Brian's nightmare came true. Weird.
  • Brian has a shiny new digital logbook. Thank you Linley Ewing.
  • Tash has a working dishwasher
  • Craig has a working sodastream. Yes, really.
  • Brian is the only host to have jumped in the fortnight between episodes. Could you tell?

Thank you for listening. Please share the podcast with your friends. And please consider supporting AON2 with their X2 smart alti. British design and we should be supporting our innovators.

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  • Rai starts before everyone (well, actually, just Brian) is ready.
  • Ewan Cowie Headline Interview
  • Front Cover by Mads Norrelund Olsen
  • Back Cover by Charlie Wakeham of Simon Soper simulating a very very very low pull scenario.
  • Book Club by Dean Fisher Freefall by Tom Reid
  • Cilliers gets life.
  • BPA Competitions committee shuffles some deck chairs.
  • BASE jumping from a zippier (Andy and Wes)
  • The other Joel is down for 50.
  • Denmark had a Twin Herc boogie. Wow. Lucky ‘skidderikker’.
  • Women on Wings World Record attempt from two AN-72s. Lucky ‘skidderikker’.
  • Swooping World Champs
  • Symbiosis under new management
  • PRIDE & PEACE man… but no LOVE. Def no LOVE in the air.
  • Extremeweek veko. Rai is happy no-one died this year. Yay, let’s have a party.
  • Buzz voicemail. Crystal clear quality.
  • Crystal voicemail, about some list. Her list? We forget what it’s called though.
  • Melvyn O’Connell email with Danish space tech video
  • James Doyle link to CaseFile podcast about Stephen Hilder
  • Brian knows what the best job in skydiving is and has his eyes opened over dinner with some Instructor Examiners
  • Craig bought another alti. Now running out of forearm space… and discusses vacuum pumps for… er… testing stuff, ahem.
  • Craig went to the tunnel. We didn’t get a postcard.
  • He’s going to Oz too. Unlikely to get a postcard from there either.
  • Tash sat on a plane next to Brian. Forgot to ask for his autograph though.
  • Tash’s teammate keeps losing shoes but always the left one. Is her left foot smaller discussion?
  • Tash’s voice got recognised by a listener.
  • Rai did a shit load of stuff but left early before talking about it. Bloody part timer.

We love all feedback. Please email us or facebook us. Or better yet, record some audio on your smart phone and email it to us.

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  • Dean Fisher Headline interview. 53 years of jumping. 50 years of instructing. Wow.
  • Paul Mayer discusses the impending sale of Bedford Bodyflight
  • Dan BC School of Hard Knocks and, wow, it's a good one.
  • Front Cover by Harry Shanker at the Zion Freefly Name and Shame Boogie in Skydive Athens
  • Karim Shokrae Book Club. He recommends ‘You Are Not So Smart’ by David McRaney, and ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman
  • Back Cover of Emily Sugars and Jason Hobbs over Skydive Langar taken by Ming Chu. Jason had a two out scenario on a later jump
  • We replay our best Easter Egg. The Jumping (shipping) Forecast, created and recorded by Tash the legend.
  • Crystal has a list. It's called and it covers all the boogies in the USofA. Nothing in Europe though. Meh.
  • Cilliers trial ends with a guilty verdict. Caught him bang to rights.
  • Plane crash at IPC. :-(
  • The darker side of our sport is recognised.
  • If you have been affected by any of the things discussed in tonight's episode, you may wish to speak to the Samaritans. It’s free, just call 116 123 in the UK or ROI.
  • Langar's old 206 rises from the ashes and is getting a turbine upgrade
  • Mission Impossible: Fallout features a raft of UK skydivers
  • Congrats to Emma and Adam, Zoe and Graham for getting married and Ally Milne for not getting married. (10,000 jumps though. woop. woop)
  • Reader emails from Gilaad and Bejay.
  • Paul Rimmington audio message. He enjoyed Brian’s bigway camp in Klatovy. Can you tell?
  • Craig (pedant #3) is trolled by Brian
  • Brian, Tash and Craig think it would be funny to troll Martin Soulsby, Chair of the British Outdoor Skydiving Board of Directors at the next meeting.
  • Brian describes tracking through the burble of an opening canopy with surprising nonchalance.
  • Brian lost a glove. Found it. Lost it again. On three consecutive jumps. Annoying. But quite boring too.
  • Craig takes a flight in a Rapide. #oldskool
  • Craig goes to Buckingham Palace but has to make do with Charles, Camilla, Harry and Meghan.
  • Tash went to Voss. But got snowed in at home.
  • Tash attends a CF camp in the UK.
  • Rai is too busy to show up.
  • We hope you enjoy all 3hrs 33mins and 33seconds. :-)
  • If you don’t, unlucky. x
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  • Rickster Powell Headline Interview, PD Canopy Test Pilot
  • Front Cover by Denis Zhuravkov of Chris Bohn sitting on Phil Sparrow’s canopy over Florida Skydiving Centre
  • Back Cover by Chris Cook of Alan Foulkes-Williams not giving up on his rears despite overwhelming evidence that he should.
  • Karim Shokrae School of Hard Knocks
  • Andy Ford Book Club. He recommends Ken Follet ‘Pillars of the Earth’
  • Bryan Burke ‘How green is my skydive?
  • Tunnel for sale
  • Fred and Vince never fail to bore us
  • BPA Skydive The Expo videos are live
  • BPA changes name to British Skydiving?
  • Brian doesn’t feel so current after the winter but does AFF anyway.
  • Craig doesn’t feel so current after the winter but downsizes to a
  • PD Valkyrie 84 anyway.
  • Listener input from Gilad
  • Brian got to be on TV. And only said one swear word. Winning.
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  • Your Goals and out goals for 2018
  • Rai Ahmed School of Hard Knocks
  • Front Cover by Claudio Cagnasso of Roy Wimmer-Jaglom holding a freefall tube and Carlos Pedro Briceño headdown in his Squirrel wingsuit.
  • Back Cover self portrait by Sam Bemment “Cogito ergo sum”
  • Christopher Parsons reader submission
  • Tom Shorten digital logbook template
  • IPC stuff
  • XRW stuff
  • Craig said stuff
  • Rai said stuff
  • Brian said stuff
  • Joel (remember him?) he said stuff too.
  • Tash said stuff. And she wasn't even there!

Thank you for listening, see you at the Expo.

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