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• Bruno Brokken, world famous cameraflyer
• His cameras and his lenses and not needing too many photos per jump.
• Coming round from hypoxia and finding yourself on the wrong side of a 400way 
• Waiting four years for a helmet from Russia
• Being buzzed by a fighter jet under canopy
• Bruno Brokken Front Cover photo of Yves Rossy flying his Mirage fighter jet over the Alps
• Swooping bridges on bandit jumps
• The infamous ice bucket challenge - a good idea that went horribly wrong
• Craig Poxon Back Cover photo of Bruno Brokken filming a CF formation
Brian gets all nervous talking to one of his heroes.
• Rai loves Bruno’s hugs
• Tash takes a break from due diligence checks to declare Yorkshire Tea the finest in the land
• Craig wears a tie to be formal
• iTunes reviews - the good and the bad
We try really hard not to talk about Covid19 but they're jumping in Denmark, Slovakia and possibly Israel and USA
• definitely no outtakes on this episode
• and definitely no NWA: Ninjas with Altitude musical easter eggs. Guns don’t kill people. Low turns do.

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  • Bryn Chaffe, Advanced Instructor talks... shit. ;-)
  • We discuss his background in the sport.
  • Jumping through clouds and in strong winds
  • Bryn claims to be a better AFF Instructor than Craig
  • Craig is happy to let Bryn 'think' that
  • Bryn can't remember the 10 qualities of an instructor
  • Craig nails the 10 qualities immediately, without hesitation or homework, ahem.
  • Rai competed (months ago) at Windoor
  • RSUK is supported by Indoor Wingsuit and Flysight
  • Dean Ricci gets another play of his poem "when it's done"
  • Listener feedback
  • Craig offers to send Brian a photo taken next time Craig is having a poo.
  • And there's more banter than you can shake a Dan BC easter egg at.

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• Hayley, Symbiosis Suits Owner talks Covid-19
• Buzz, Skydive Tilstock Owner talks Covid-19
• Craig lets us know what support British Skydiving is offering DZs and Members
• BS Grants *and* loans
• Brian does nothing but sponge and give Craig a hard time
• Craig's video Q&A and email discussed and ripped apart
• Listener feedback from Chris Holland and Dmitry Verkhoturov
• Dean Ricci, the Fuckin Pilot, writes and performs his Poem "When it Ends"
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