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Jul 15, 2016

  • James La Barrie headline interview. The expert discusses how DZs can be the best they can be.
  • John Le Blanc’s Ask The Expert covers how to recover from stalled canopies, intentionally and unintentionally.
  • We ran out of people with the initials JLB so we called in Dan BC. Hope you don't mind.
  • Dan BC Thought for the Podcast
  • Sarah Neale guest hosts the show.
  • Front Cover photo by Ged Parker. Showing Jamie Arnold on his 1000th jump surfing Adam Mattacola. Photo submitted by Kate Arnold.
  • Back Cover photo of Craig and his daughter SmallPox.
  • Craig tries to convince everyone that the back cover photo, he submitted, of himself and his daughter, is very amazing. Sometimes it’s easier just to agree.
  • Brian gets all passive aggressive with the show notes. 
  • Brian broke the goat and got on the wrong plane. As did his AFF student. As did…
  • Craig is current again.
  • Sarah talks about upsizing after a two year hiatus.
  • Rai thinks more should be done for new skydivers.
  • Joel is in Burgundy drinking Burgundy.
  • Chatteris buys a balloon. And stocks up on off-landing report forms.
  • Luke Aikens plans to jump without a rig. Or a wingsuit. Or a cardboard box.
  • Phil Wayper success with his homemade parachute.
  • Brian applied for a job but got turned down. Back to living the dream.
  • Tash compares USPA CF Competition weather with BPA CF Competition weather.
  • Rai thinks you should do a canopy course.
  • Sarah pours more wine. 
  • Rai, Tash, Sarah and Craig talk about other stuff but Brian can't remember what they said. 

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