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Apr 25, 2022

▪ Paul Mayer and State of the Tunnel Industry in the UK (56:05)
▪ Spencer Bailey Front Cover of a CReW formation over Skydive Sebastien
▪ Plane Swap Back Cover by RedBull of Luke Aikins climbing back in.
▪ Intentional Plane Crash Dude
▪ FAA attitude
▪ Bonehead Helmet with freefall comms
▪ Twinwoods goes...

Apr 5, 2022

• Tom Grocutt and his amazing Skydive Logger iOS app
• Back Cover by Michael Bayada of four women freeflying in iFLY Basingstoke, submitted by Fleur Jones.
• Craig gets hard geeking out on his two favourite things
• Brian subtly plugs Dropzone Brewery - no one notices. Did you?
• Wild Geese is operating and is...