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May 28, 2019

• Peter Georen, the brains behind the indoor wingsuit tunnel headline interview (36:12)
• Tom Noonen Thought for the Podcast (1:43:47)
• Steve Lefkowitz Ask The Expert about RookieFest (1:24:35)
• Brian announces RookieRumble at Langar in September
• Front Cover by Martin Skrbel of Jordan Simcoe's 1000th skydive.
• Back Cover by Catherine Brown of Sonia Holland and Morgan Holland (no relation) wearing the same SunPath event tshirt from Brian's recent BigWay Camp.
• Brian admits to wearing women's clothing in the tunnel
• World Challenge tunnel competition summary
• WISC summary and discussion over the Prince of Wales Cup and the Queens Cup.
• RedlandsDZ is closing. Boo.
• Crazy landing video 1.
• Crazy landing video 2.
• Lodi puts its prices up. wtf?
• Don Kellner does his 45,000th skydive.
• Dmitry Verkhoturov and Bejay Cutmore listener feedback
• Langar Boogie 1 is a raving success with 3200 jumps in 5 days and 1000 jumps on the Saturday alone.
• Brian still loves his VOG audible altimeter
• Brian claims that France doesn't have any dropzones with two turbine aircraft. Is this true? Do you know differently?
• Craig jumps
• Craig shouts out to Ian and Joe.
• Thanks to Indoor Wingsuit and Flysight for helping make this show.

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