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Aug 23, 2016

  • Brian Vacher, Canopy Pilot, PD Factory Team Member and Flight-1 coach Headline Interview
  • James La Barrie Thought for the Podcast
  • John Le Blanc Ask The Expert - how long should control lines be.
  • Answers from Drunk Skydivers - Would You Rather…
  • Janina’s Point Break Movie Knowledge
  • Front Cover by Pete Lindstrand. Mary Barratt docks on our own Carlos Crow over Skydive Headcorn.
  • Back Cover by Doc John Carter and Martin Hopkins of Stefan Pacel (cow) and Kat Insall (tiger) helping Lorene Latour (leopard) celebrate her 1001st skydive over Skydive Langar.
  • Luke Aikens 35,000ft jump - he survives!
  • Copenhagen swoop festival should be expanded to other cities
  • King Air stall in Byron
  • You’ll never be as cool as Brian Vacher’s mum. (Janina - we need you). 
  • Brian demonstrates wing suits at the Science Museum in London, with Sam, Jose and Kamal.
  • Craig heads to 4way Nationals
  • Tash travels around the UK with her CF buddies and nails her FF2 (but doesn’t have to do a 4pt 4way to prove she’s safe in the sky).
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