Radio Skydive UK
  • Dilys Price - Pride of Britain - headline interview
  • Rob Lloyd 'Ask the Expert' who critiques the GoPro 6 but recommends the Aukey 4K Action Camera
  • John Le Blanc 'Book Club' who recommends The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer 
  • Front Cover by Steve Fitch of of Sarge Atlarge and friends jumping an RAAF C-17 Globemaster over Skydive Ramblers (Australia).
  • Back cover by Craig of his daughter Agnes modelling his Square One Kiss full face helmet. 
  • Brian is late and it's been a while so bumper episode!
  • The wingsuit tunnel is one that Rai hasn't yet been in but we talk about it anyway
  • Rai tried to go in Airborne San Diego but it had sadly closed by the time she got there...permanently :-(
  • Craig has a nerdgasm over AON2's forthcoming altimeter the X2+
  • The Freefall camera guys have shrunk their project and have permission from the CAA to test
  • New sequential world record - 3 point 217 way
  • And a new night record
  • The Aussies get to jump a C-17
  • Beautiful XRW with a Porter, Fred, Vince, Pete and friends
  • Bear Grylls wind tunnel coming to Birmingham
  • The Wolf theorem of bigway multi-point formations
  • Rai double busy commenting at the WCIS and joining the Wuhan Clan
  • Tash has also been busy as HoD at the Wingsuit World Cup and judging at the USPA CF and FS Nationals
  • Craig has sold his Senseis and will order an out-of-stock stock Performance Designs Valkyrie
  • Brian never made it - best episode ever!
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