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Jan 24, 2024

  • The Expo is coming
  • School of Hard Knocks with Casey Pruett (1h00m10s)
  • Front Cover of Jake Quigley by Laura Hampton over Skydive Langar
  • SkyHigh buy a 2nd caravan
  • Craig bemoans British Skydiving non-election
  • Laura’s pet project is Skydive Langar Winter Webinars
  • Eloy Hot Air Balloon Crash
  • 400 the Movie. Crowdfunding will end soon. Don’t make Craig sad
  • Craig slates AI generated Seychelles innhopp image
  • Johannes Bergfors message
  • Brian raves over Seychelles Boogie by Tsunami Skydivers. It’s a bit embarrassing really.
  • AON2 X0 visual digital altimeter
  • Caelum Systems’ “Talkable”. If you can’t guess what it is from the name then you aren’t allowed to skydive again.
  • Brian went to the wing suit tunnel
  • Craig crashes Brian’s Expo table
  • Brian and Laura went to CLYMB. The biggest f tunnel in the world. 
  • Laura did a HD camp in Madrid in 5 words

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