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Dec 11, 2023

  • Andy Malchiodi talks about his Hollywood movie ‘Hex’
  • Front cover photo over of Ebu Uyar deploying over Skydive Senegal with the Atlantic
  • Ocean watching on.
  • Go Skydive expansion into Wales and Kent
  • Skydive Tilstock has a use for Headcorn’s old plane
  • Langar does 50,000 jumps in a year
  • AON2 Obsidian delayed.
  • AON2 X0 full steam ahead with this great visual alti
  • Podcast round up… Fleur Jones on ‘Lunatic Fringe’. 
  • And James La Barrie hosts a new podcast called ‘The 20 Min Call’
  • Brian investigates suing JLB for false advertising after discovering that his podcasts are significantly longer than 20mins.
  • Netflix special on The Parachute Murder Plot. TLDR: don’t watch it
  • 400 The Move on IndieGoGo - please support it for Craig. x
  • Brian and Craig love their Cookie G35s
  • Brian gets around a bit. iFLY London, MK, Basingstoke, Manchester and Weembi.
  • Brian plans trips to CLYMB the Big Friendly Tunnel and Indoor Wingsuit tunnel
  • Craig has his best jumping year since 2019
  • Craig is a pilot w.anchor.

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