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Jan 24, 2023

  • Arthur Amara talks about Obsidian, the Heads Up Display Visual Altimeter
  • Is the Obsidian expensive, or cheap?
  • Bruno Brokken Front Cover Photo of Brian and friends over the pyramids
  • Ryan Garner Back Cover Photo of Lee Robinson exiting on his 1st wingsuit jump
  • The UK has had a surprisingly sunny January
  • Laura discusses wearing sunglasses for AFF instructing.
  • Heated gloves… Laura should have asked for commission.
  • Always check your kit before jumping, no matter what the change.
  • 7 jumps in 7 days on 7 continents. Two rival groups? 777 and 7x? More story needed.
  • Skydive the Expo preview
  • Brian wrote an article for the mag.
  • Brian learns how to stop himself better
  • Laura’s team Chimera calls it after 7yrs
  • Skydive Langar had their first A licence qualify in 2023. Groundschool to ‘A’, all in January.
  • Is there a best time to learn?
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