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Sep 27, 2022

• Pete 'Taf' Mather explains UpLift (18:50)
• If the chemicals in your brain are messed up you can reach out to a dedicated skydiving support network: or Samaritans 

Don’t be alone. Make a connection. 

• Pete Allum Future Proof Skydiving (38:20)
• Back Cover photo by someone of Kate Cooper-Jensen keying a multi-plane formation with 9ppl outside the Twin Otter over Skydive Perris
• Artistic Nationals
• Low attendance ideas
• Book Club with Rai Ahmed recommending Matthew Syed ‘Rebel Ideas” (35:30)
• Costa Rica ‘Party on the Playa’ Boogie remembered by Bonnie Grant (43:30)
• Old but new DZ reopens at South Cerney. Just in time for winter.
• Bruise submissions


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