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Apr 27, 2021

• James La Barrie explains how to run a world class boogie (39:55)
• Future Proof Skydiving with Pete Allum (1:39:20)
• Front Cover by Martin Skrbel
• Back Cover by Martin Skrbel
• Cover photos supported by HB Camera Mount
• Everyone is jumping
• Craig torments himself
• No-one is surprised
• Mondial non-update
• Egypt - 3 boogies to choose. Brian chose Jump Like a Pharaoh
• Free beer from Dropzone Brewery
• 10% off ‘Red On’ lager with code “learningcurve”
• Insurance question from Cat Brown
• Canopy Regulation and retention questions from Tom Dent
• Tracking in the tunnel question from Alex Santau
• Brian’s AFF student hurt himself before the plane had taken off
• Brian stands in sheep shit and smears it all over himself. #kinky
• Brian has a new, very white jumpsuit from Symbi
• Brian is trying to buy a 2nd container
• Craig made it to a DZ! Didn’t jump though.
• Craig plans to take an old bag on a skydive with him.
• Rai’s AAD got confiscated.
• Rai plans tunnel with Amalie from the Joyriders


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