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Apr 13, 2021

• Dennis Praet | A World Champion Discusses Booties
• When should you start wearing booties?
• Pete Allum Future Proof Skydiving
• Front Cover by Keiron Hayes
• Back Cover by Dan Chater
• Support from HB Camera Mounts
• Craig is busy doing the right thing
• Craig’s priorities are all wrong
• Brian, Rai and Tash say best episode ever
• Craig says worst episode ever
• Some DZs have opened and others opening soon
• Skydiving on the warmest day in March in 60years.
• Tunnels open and iFly coach rating
• We love JaNette Lefkowitz
• Mondial or Non-dial discussion.
• Brian is going to Egypt to jump the pyramids. Come and join him.
• Lizzie Attwood question about Brit200
• James Smitty - large breaks - changes in time - FS1 - devil’s advocate
• Brian’s ordered a Sabre3
• Brian’s doing a course on podcasting
• Rai is a qualified Artistics judge now
• Rai forgets to get her AAD serviced on time
• Tash declines to jump

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