Radio Skydive UK

• Dave Schwartz and Steven Stump guest hosts from Skydive Radio
• Roy Castleman Twinwoods Adventure Director on how they're coping with the shutdown and their plans to save the tunnel.
• Virtual Escape Rooms at Twinwoods Adventure
• Back Cover of Dave, Stump, Craig and Tash at Skydive Chicago
• Dave says "I'm assuming you'll edit this bit out"
• We says "nope"
• Dave discusses pilot plans to stay virus free when flying loads.
• Rai bails early. Lightweight.
• We go so long. So so long.
• Brian goes for a surreptitious toilet break. No-one notices.
• Craig holds it in.
• Stump has a couple of remarkable jumps to tell us about.
• Dave also has a couple of remarkable jumps to share with us.
• Tash is with us in spirit
• Stump turns up late and tries to participate while in a moving car. It goes as well as you'd expect. Thanks for coming.
• Mark Lord Summerfest question,
• Pat Chapman accent question,
• James Doyle beer question
• Bejay can't think of anything better to help cure his insomnia.

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