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May 6, 2020

• Jackie Smith and *that* jump
• We talk about being the first person in the world to score ten perfect scores of 0.00cm on an electronic measuring pad at a World Championships
• Her training schedule and working two jobs over the winter.
• Why she had to be good at Style to compete at Accuracy
• The steps she had to take on her return to the UK, even with a World Championship gold medal with her.
• How she coped with the three day wait between rounds 9 and 10.
• How she coped with probably the most intense competition experience of all time.
• Front Cover by Dave Waterman of Jackie Smith landing a round parachute, downwind.
• We plan not to mention Covid-19 at all.
• We mention Covid-19 all the time.
• Craig reminisces about that time when he was almost as cool as James Boole. Almost. Once. Maybe.
• Craig likes looking at photos of men’s posteriors.
• Rai talks from under a duvet, in the dark.
• Tash can’t make it but sends in a voicemail
• Macca asked Brian a question. Response at 1h36m25
• Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm update on operations and developments.
• Brian isn’t sure his friends understand what unique means.
• Denmark are jumping. And then they aren’t.
• Other countries are jumping.
• Mondial 2020 is now Mondial 2021
• Brian Germain fund raiser - wonderful support by our sky family
• This show is supported by Flysight and Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm.
• Craig mentions the most famous Porter MZ. Video link in fb comments.

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